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24th Mar 2010, 08:06
http://www.iouppo.com/life/pic1/e6d2274d3c5a544ad4e9e7cbbb6bec7f.jpg (http://www.iouppo.com)

just a revision ... So it is better ..
Pierse...: )))

24th Mar 2010, 08:08
Pierse, this is not an art contest. It is a simply contest of wit. You are supposed to express your wit by coming up with a nice caption to the original form of the image. :)

24th Mar 2010, 09:50
Natla breaks the news to Lara of Square Enix buying into the company...

Lara:...."STOP!...Eidos Time"


Natla: I'm entering Xfactor,with the use of the scion
Lara: .....

24th Mar 2010, 10:28
Dear Goran, I enjoy it ... for me is a passion in his free time we spend time ....: ))

24th Mar 2010, 10:46
go on the TR general discussion forum they have art competitions there for you to enjoy

24th Mar 2010, 11:30
scion chip.... chip..."OH MY GOODNESS THE CHIPS!"

24th Mar 2010, 11:32
Lara: Larson! I'd really like to punch you for that...

Natla: Now, now, that is my privilege.

Lara: I know how we decide who get's to knock him out. A match of rock-paper-scissors. (*Considers this a moment.*) No lizard, no Spock.

Natla: Okay.

Lara & Natla: Rock! Paper! Scissors!

Lara gestures "rock".

Natla: Scion!

Lara groans.

Natla: HAHA, gotcha. Scion beats all. You didn't say anything about not using Scion.

Lara: You cheat.

24th Mar 2010, 11:57
Natla: "Do you Lara, take me to be your lawful wedded wife?" Offers scion to place on finger....
Lara: Snatches hand back - fidgets..."Ahhhhh..... mmmmmm"

24th Mar 2010, 13:20
*also tranniversary119 from TRF* :)

24th Mar 2010, 17:01
Another one XD Click for bigger :p

http://i42.tinypic.com/s4bcc3_th.jpg (http://i42.tinypic.com/s4bcc3.jpg)

24th Mar 2010, 18:13
Yes, Lara. The Scion holds untold power. I could, if I so desired, cause Mel Gibson to become handsome, Paris Hilton to become smart and Oprah Winfrey to become thin again... Okay, maybe not Oprah.

24th Mar 2010, 18:41
Natla: Ummmm, Lara, this Scion is counterfeit.

24th Mar 2010, 19:10
My first work

Old lara : excuse me, i'am looking for the scion...did you see somewhere?
Natla: is this?
Old Lara: no , it isn't the scion. the true scion is square and doesn't shine
Natla: O_o

24th Mar 2010, 20:00

Lara: Uchs!!!... I think that I have my period.
Natla: Luckily, I don't leave home witout mys sanitary napkin-scion.

Lara: Uchs!!!... creo que me ha bajado la regla.
Natla: Por suerte yo nunca salgo de casa sin mis compresa-scion.


24th Mar 2010, 20:26
Natla: See this Lara? With this, I will make your life the worst nightmare!
Lara: And how you do this, Natla?
Natla: Transforming all women in BLONDES! MUAHAHAHAHA!

24th Mar 2010, 21:15
My work number 6 :)

http://i43.tinypic.com/16lmmnm_th.jpg (http://i43.tinypic.com/16lmmnm.jpg)


Natla: I pronounce you woman and wife.
Natla: You can kiss your wife.
Lara: My wife don’t have skin o_O

Bye, bye.

24th Mar 2010, 21:47
Natla: With the Scion, I have the means to increase anything I desire!
Lara: Why are you looking to my boobs??

24th Mar 2010, 22:44
3º entry..

Lara: Natla! Give me back the Scion!
Natla: Let's play a love game... Do you want love or do you want fame??
Lara: Ahn?? I just wanna the Scion! What do you want to do with this??
Natla: I Want your bad romance!
Lara: Wait, wait, wait! I... I don't know what you are talking about!
Natla: C'mon Lara... I can read your poker face!
Lara: Wait... Oh God! All what you are saying it's songs of Lady Gaga!
Natla: I'm the Lady Gaga!

24th Mar 2010, 22:58
second work

Natla: look behind you...larson naked(?
lara: where? :$
natla: muahahahaa the scion is mine

third work

Natla:Now with the scion in my possession the prince of persia will be mine and will love me (?
lara: the prince of persia is gay =X
Natla: (U) crying

25th Mar 2010, 00:41
my latest entry=)

Lara: eh you know what Natla, just take the damn scion! its my 10th anniversary and this is getting old.

Natla: :confused: ehm, okay....I´ll just go then:confused:

25th Mar 2010, 02:01
Where is Lara??....: )))

http://www.iouppo.com/life/pic1/870c379b14ac0be92b1a3f0c30a86e6c.jpg (http://www.iouppo.com)

http://www.iouppo.com/life/pic1/31014a6f78347b4312b9339a099afa12.jpg (http://www.iouppo.com)


25th Mar 2010, 02:48
_ Gift Lara _

http://www.iouppo.com/life/pic1/54ce416fb7cbc3689dcf942cbe167dc9.jpg (http://www.iouppo.com)

http://www.iouppo.com/life/pic1/b8444176712af0d35df9663c2c9cec4f.jpg (http://www.iouppo.com)

PIERSE...: ))

25th Mar 2010, 04:17
Natla: Happy Mothers Day, Lara!
Lara: WHAT!?!???

25th Mar 2010, 05:11
Natla: Are you jelous now Lara?
Lara: Nah, I'm just worried.
Natla: About me having the Scion right?
Lara: Of course not, it's just that...
Natla: That...?
Lara: Just look at the time, the tea time has passed, and it's all thanks to you and your obstinance
Natla: Oh....

This one is the laziest one... I'm running out of Ideas DAMN T_T

25th Mar 2010, 05:24
It's been a while since I posted but here goes.

Lara:What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?
Natla: No, Lara. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.
Lara: What?
Natla: *Steals Scion* YOINK! haha sucker

25th Mar 2010, 06:14
I've got a lovely bunch o' coconuts!


Lara: I feel like I've seen this all...
Natla: It is a game you've played before
Lara: You know what they say.
Natla: What's that?
Lara: Its a world of laughter a world of, a world of tears
Natla: Oh god.
Lara: Its a world of hope, its a world of fear
Natla: Dont even-
Lara: There's so much that we share!
Natla: Stop it, Lara!
Lara: That its time we're aware!!
Natla: Please. Please stop!!
Natla: just take it already!!!

25th Mar 2010, 07:26
Natla: This is my pet Scion. It looks happy!

Max 28
25th Mar 2010, 09:25
Oh this is so cool, lucky I didn't miss out. :D

http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt306/Max2810/Online%20Stuff/baddies149.jpg (http://s622.photobucket.com/albums/tt306/Max2810/Online%20Stuff/?action=view&current=baddies149.jpg)

Natla: ...and here is the Scion behind your ear.

Lara: OMG, NO WAY! How did you do that?!

Natla: Ah but Lara, an Atlantean Queen never
reveals her secrets.


Ok, another one:

Natla: Well done Lara. You've delivered the most powerful weapon in existence right into my hands. With all the knowledge of the ancients I will be able to level hills and destroy any demi-god that gets in my way.

Lara: *mutters* Guess you didn't hear about Mjolnir then...

Natla: Sorry, what was that?

Lara: Oh nothing, nothing....*twiddles thumbs*


And another:

Lara: Oh whoops! The 'Keep Scion' cheat code was Hold down B - Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left.


And another:

Lara: No wait, this can't be right. Ok, lets retrace my steps. I defeated the fleshy mutants, shimmeyed my butt around the columns, ahuh, then I inserted the pieces and got the Scion fragment, tomb collapsing - time to scidaddle on out, smoked just a bit of that Scion goodness, dreamyland......oh crap.


Hey, why not?:

Natla: Hey, hey Lara check this out! I think if you stare at this Scion just right it works like a magic eye trick and you can see the secrets of the next game!"

Lara: Yeah ok, Natla....I think you're acting just a wee bit insane. I undestand you want to know if you're included in the next game but I don't think that's the answer....


Ok, just one more. :D

Lara: *Directed at forum readers* You know, second time round and I can still act surprised. Now that is talent.

25th Mar 2010, 10:22
My second entry :)

The Stare (Norwegian: Stirrer; created 2010)

http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a102/Eythna/Tomb%20Raider/th_TheStare.jpg (http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a102/Eythna/Tomb%20Raider/?action=view&current=TheStare.jpg)

25th Mar 2010, 11:05
My Second entry:


25th Mar 2010, 11:09

Lara: ¡Oh,oh Natla,YOU HAVE THE PLAYSCION 4! Please,let me play.

25th Mar 2010, 13:40
Natla: Behold the 2 Terabyte version which can hold 4 million songs!


Lara: Did you have the red eye reduction on?


Natla: I hope you like winter sports Lara because I've brought you something to scion....get it?...ski-on...oh never mind.

25th Mar 2010, 14:31
Lara: Don't you have a feeling of Deja' vu?

Natla: Yeah... But I had shorter hair and you triangle boobs.


Natla: If you don't send this e-mail to 25 friends, a sexier version of you will explode your manor.

Lara: Yeah, right...

25th Mar 2010, 15:00

Natla: Yes Lara, look into the all seeing Scion and witness that in the future you will be the star of an arcade, isometric view game not bearing the Tomb Raider moniker.......yes well you may be surprised!

25th Mar 2010, 15:11
http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/9100/qbaddies149.jpg (http://img682.imageshack.us/i/qbaddies149.jpg/)

25th Mar 2010, 16:34
4º Entry...

Lara: Natla! Give me the Scion! Or I'll shoot you!
Natla: Don't waste your bullets, Lara. I'm The Atlantean Queen! I'm immortal!
Lara: You, immortal?? I'm sorry for spoiler Natla, but you will die in final of this game. And what about me? I already fell from a building, I've been eaten by dinosaurs, have already taken thousands of shots and I'm still here! So tell me... Who is immortal??

25th Mar 2010, 17:43
Natla - Let me show you the power of the Scion:
http://www.youtube.com/user/thelonelyisland#p/a/u/0/8yvEYKRF5IA (Boombox=Scion)
Lara - What the... o.O

25th Mar 2010, 18:13
My first entry x 6 e_e)






Another more gay XDD


25th Mar 2010, 19:02
My first one !!
Natla: "This Scion Pendulum should work in Hypnotizing Lara"
Natla Lara look into the scion
Lara: why ?
Natla: JUST LOOK AT IT !!!
Lara: okay
Natla: I command you to Be one of us !!!
be one of us
be one of us !!
Lara: Natla, What are you doing ?
Natla: What it didn't hypnotized you ?!?!?!
Lara: Of course it won't hypnotize me !! you didn't make it swing !!!

My Second One !!

Natla: Now I'm sure I'm gonna hypnotize her !!!!
Natla: Hey Lara !!
Lara: What now Natla ?!?!?!
Natla: look into the scion !!
Lara: why so you can hypnotize me again adn fail ?!?!
Natla: no. JUST LOOK !!
Lara: okay.
Natla: I command you to Be one of us !!!
be one of us
be one of us !!
Lara: Natla, Look at the tag, It won't hypnotize me...
Natla: Why ?
Lara It's A toy Scion !!
Natla: WHAT !!!!! THIS COST ME $40000
Come back here Scion seller !!!

hope this doesn't offend CD and Eidos:(
but this what the fans noticed about Natla :(
MY 3rd one !!!
Lara: Direct Wait !!!
Director: What is it Lara ?
Lara: I think I broke Natla's Nose
Director: Don't Worry that's really how it looks
Natla: What did you say ?!?!

My 4TH ONE !!!

Lara: *crying*
Director: CUT!!! Now what's the problem ?!?!
Lara: They Made Natla a model :(
Director: a model of what ?
Lara: A noselift Company !!

25th Mar 2010, 19:16
mine thrown into the ring

Natla - You may have been cast as Lara Croft, Bullock, and snatched my oscar, but i was amazing in mama mia!
Lara - perhaps you are on a losing streep


And the award goes to Eidos and Lara Croft for the best in the "light" entertainment category


Natla - See my power knows no bounds! I told you i could steal Beckhams Mojo, and keep him out of the world cup, you owe me a fiver.

25th Mar 2010, 19:25
Mama told me never to take candy from strangers.....but it's really SHINY candy

25th Mar 2010, 19:34
Natla: the Scion says that the value of pi is exactly 3!
Lara: NO!...

25th Mar 2010, 19:43
Natla: Look into the scion, look into the scion, dont look around the scion, dont look around the scion. *clicks fingers*

you're under, when you come back you will not have the overwhelming feeling that this has happened before and you will act completely surprised as this is the first time it has happened to you...and 3,2,1 you're back in the room

Lara: *:eek:*

25th Mar 2010, 20:44
My work numer 7 :)

http://i42.tinypic.com/jfah6b_th.jpg (http://i42.tinypic.com/jfah6b.jpg)


Natla: Hakuna Matata Lara
Lara: o_O ...
Simba: Meow
Natla: You must buy diapers

Bye, bye :)

25th Mar 2010, 20:45
Lara: "NATLA! How could you show me those? That's just nasty theyre over a thousand years old >.<"
Natla: "Well sorry! Your father didn't seem to mind them when he saw"
Lara: "WHAT??!!"
Natla: "Well how do you think I gained his support in the search for Thor's guantlets?"

25th Mar 2010, 20:48
Lara: "Jaqueline Natla.. you just don't know when to die.."
Natla: "A trait we have in comm- wait.. lara wrong game sweety"
Lara: :O "Oh crap!"

25th Mar 2010, 20:54
Natla: "and THAT'S what they'll do to you when they find out you've been raiding tombs."
Natla: "they'll also take your pie"

25th Mar 2010, 21:10
More 3 entries
But this time will be a little different: ;)

Comic Book Page style :rolleyes:

Friendly Lara

http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz14/Richard_Croft/Tomb%20Raider/FriendlyLaraR_Croft.jpg (http://s809.photobucket.com/albums/zz14/Richard_Croft/Tomb%20Raider/?action=view&current=FriendlyLaraR_Croft.jpg)

Paparazzi (with special guest LARSON):rasp:

http://i809.photobucket.com/albums/zz14/Richard_Croft/Tomb%20Raider/PaparazziR_Croft.jpg (http://s809.photobucket.com/albums/zz14/Richard_Croft/Tomb%20Raider/?action=view&current=PaparazziR_Croft.jpg)

The Mirror


25th Mar 2010, 21:43
Lara: Look into the scion if you don't believe me. Im going to get the scion, you'll be skinless and trapped in these ruins for years. and when u come back, ur going to have a really butch hair cut. Oh- and Ill win again :p

Natla: fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu---

25th Mar 2010, 22:37
A few final entries I want to get in before the deadline tomorrow.



Evan C.
25th Mar 2010, 22:56
Entry N° 6 :D (I think somehow my previous entry dissapeared,wich was this one)

When your entry disappears, I'd like it to stay gone

25th Mar 2010, 23:21
Natla: on second thought, you can have it back lara
Lara: yes!- wait what?
Natla: Yeah well the scion just showed me a glimpse of the future and it seems that i get burnt in a pit of lava loose my henchmen and army, get pilled beneath an island for a few years before becoming some spoiled girl's prisoner then i get my body melted in etir and finally get betrayed by my own creation and drown in more etir...so yeah im going to go back to Natla technologies and you can carry on raiding...bye!

Lara: o.0


Natla: The future's bright the future's orange


Natla: actually nevermind
Lara: huh?
Natla: i just got this feeling something could go wrong

25th Mar 2010, 23:51
Here's another one. It's a .GIF, so I'll just put the link for it.

It's a little bit fast for reading, so I want to apologize myself, but, please, look it with attention.

Hope you like!


26th Mar 2010, 01:28

26th Mar 2010, 01:48
"You can have it for 5 bucks"

26th Mar 2010, 02:47
I do not know if the translation is well :hmm:

Max 28
26th Mar 2010, 03:33

Natla: Here Lara I hold two artifacts in my hand, a blue one and a red one. Each represents a choice. You take the red artifact - the game ends. You wake up in your mansion and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red artifact - you claim a seat beside me and together we will rule the Seventh Age! It's your choice Lara, which do you pick?

Croft Cristian
26th Mar 2010, 03:38
My entry Numbre 6

Name: The exercise


:lol: :lol: :lol:

26th Mar 2010, 04:13
Well, I'd love to keep making entrys, but the schoool fried my head X_X and I don't have anything more, so I hope for the best with the ones I made :) BTW I've read all the entries and some are pretty cool :D

Max 28
26th Mar 2010, 04:27
Yeah, I read through each one before I posted so that I didn't copy any by mistake. Long read but some good ones there were. :)

26th Mar 2010, 04:41
lara:I really should use the bathroom!
Natla:SNIFF SNIFF...You trader you ate beans with out me!

26th Mar 2010, 05:04

26th Mar 2010, 05:20
"No pistols, no ledges, no rope, no grapple hook and no grenades...

...Lara could NEVER SIMPLY TAKE the Scion!"

26th Mar 2010, 09:25

Lara and Jacqueline playing a friendly game of Rock, Paper, Scion.

Max 28
26th Mar 2010, 10:12

Voice of first person view: Finally we're putting an end to your grave robbing shenanigans Croft, you're going away for along time. Cuff 'em Natla.

26th Mar 2010, 13:50
This is a great idea for a contest! ok, I don't have photoshop, so I used bubblecaption to add captions to the picture. In doing so, they automatically add their stamp to the photo, so I hope that's ok...I'm not trying to plug their website on purpose...

Now, I just have to figure out how to post a picture...it is not showing up when I preview my Post. I'm trying to insert image from my flickr account.


26th Mar 2010, 14:11
Okay, Entry #1. This one is somewhat of an homage to Judith Gibbins - one of the voices of Lara Croft...so if you can, imagine her saying the caption that I've included. I think many of us can identify with this one...


26th Mar 2010, 14:15
Entry #2. (the next few entries are in the spirit of LC: GOL)...


26th Mar 2010, 14:16
Entry #3.


26th Mar 2010, 14:17
Entry #4.


26th Mar 2010, 14:19
Entry #5.


26th Mar 2010, 14:21
Entry #6. (Again, if you can imagine Lara's voice from the classics...who didn't enjoy all those AHA's from finding items? :) )


26th Mar 2010, 14:22
Entry #7.


26th Mar 2010, 14:23
Entry #8. (My final entry, unless something else pops into my head)...


26th Mar 2010, 14:27
I'm sorry if this has been posted before, but I did not have enough time to read through all the pages.

Now where the hell did you get that from?I thought 100-Watt-light bulbs aren't sold anymore?

(I'm afraid this will only be understood by Europeans, because this law only exists in Europe, as far as I now)

26th Mar 2010, 15:12
Oh, I just found where my entry #7 starts out somewhat similar to Kris's on page 8. My apologies Kris, I hope I'm not stepping on your toes with that one...but if you think I am, just let me know...it wasn't intentional.

26th Mar 2010, 15:17
Natla: Finally I've got the scion...
Lara: Oh Natla... Natla... If you just know...
Natla: Know WHAT?
Lara: That it's just ANOTHER BUG so prepare to be....
*Hard noise incoming*
Lara (sarcasm): Oh, you were deleted before I finished that phrase...

I told That I wouldn't continue but hey, I'm more fresh today, I still have time to make 1 or 2 more if I get something new...

26th Mar 2010, 15:23
Natla: With this new translator I can rule all the lenguages!!! HAHAH!!!!
Lara: Really?...
Natla: Yes, Hai, Of course, Si, Indien, Wenn, Если, Jekk...
Lara: Are you sure you are not using just Google Translator...?
Natla: Course not of!!!!!!!!! My Is Artifact This VERU, CIERTO, TRUE!!
Lara: Yeah sure...

26th Mar 2010, 15:31
Natla: With this new fragance... Feel free, Feel New, Feel... Natla.
*Strong Silence*
*Lara looks away with unconfortable expression*
Lara: Iugh..... That's gross...

26th Mar 2010, 15:46
Last chance to get your entries in, the comp is closing in 15 mins from now :)

Evan C.
26th Mar 2010, 15:53
Entry N° 6 :D (I think somehow my previous entry dissapeared,wich was this one)

When your entry disappears, I'd like it to stay gone

This is completely rude,I am a little bit sad,not for being deleted(I bet you have a reason)but there's no need to be so bad.I won't try with other entry,I will cross my fingers with the previous ones,but sincerely I feel bad now.

26th Mar 2010, 15:55
Entry #9.


26th Mar 2010, 15:57
Make the circle bigger? What does that even MEAN, anyway?!?

26th Mar 2010, 16:00
The first thing I'm going to do when I become the ruler of the world, is ban hotpants forever!

26th Mar 2010, 16:04
If GOL is successful, Eidos is replacing you with an Aztec Warrior named Totec for Tomb Raider 9 - his rates are less steep. I think he said something about doing the entire job for a couple of jaguar fangs.

26th Mar 2010, 16:05
(OK, all done now - mine are getting lame, LOL.)

26th Mar 2010, 16:11
OK, just to avoid confusion, I'm going to close this while we go through the entries.

Thanks to everyone that took part, I'll post the name of the winner in this thread shortly.

26th Mar 2010, 18:20
OK everyone! The winner has been picked, but before I announce who the (very) lucky Lara fan is, I want to say thanks to all of you who took the time to enter. There were some really great entries and we had a real chuckle picking the winner.

So without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to announce the winner.

*opens golden envelope*

....and the fantastic 'Art of Tomb Raider' book goes toooooooooo.....

*drum roll*

*drum roll continues*

*it's a long drum roll*

And the winner iiiiis...... Raider126 with this entry:

Caption Entry:
"Don't you just HATE it when you're busy raiding Tombs and you remember you left the iron on!"

It made us lol because it's so silly and it fits Lara's expression perfectly. So, well done Raider126, I'll drop you a PM and we can sort out the prize.

To everyone else that took part but didn't win, don't worry because there'll be more competitions and chances to win coming in the run up to the release of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light :)