View Full Version : Please Pray.

Rocket Propelled Rocket
18th Mar 2010, 20:54
My Grandfather is currently in an ICU(intensive care unit), he has a lung disease and pneumonia, he's not going to get better, so please, pray and pray for him, I have grown very close to him and I do not want to lose him. :(

18th Mar 2010, 21:08
I did

Rocket Propelled Rocket
19th Mar 2010, 01:44
Thank you.

19th Mar 2010, 19:46
@Rocket ( ) I hope your grandfather is alright. Stay strong.

Rocket Propelled Rocket
21st Mar 2010, 04:06
He's doing a bit better now, he's still in ICU though, my dad is there with him, I'm going to visit this Sunday.