View Full Version : "Games for Windows" title?

17th Mar 2010, 22:53
This is actually a Games for Windows title, isn't it? If I buy from Steam will I still be logging into Games for Windows and earning Live achievements?

17th Mar 2010, 23:04
There's a distinction that makes it obvious, if it's labeled "Games for Windows", it simply means it's passed Games for Windows quality assurance, etc.

If it's labeled "Games for Windows Live", it means they make use of GFWL and the game likely has achievements, etc.

To answer your question, Just Cause 2 does not use GFWL.

14th Apr 2010, 00:15
Aaaaah, this solved an issue for me. I just wish I could unlock some achievements on this :(. Oh well.

14th Apr 2010, 01:11
To answer your question, Just Cause 2 does not use GFWL.It's great aint it, lets hope M$ do not get their greedy grubby paws on Steam.

15th Apr 2010, 16:12
all copys of the game have achevements

retail and online copys all needs steam to play for the pc

game has same achevements on all 3 platforms pc xbox ps3