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17th Mar 2010, 22:51
Check out a video interview with Karl Stewart from Crystal Dynamics on the new Lara Croft game:


17th Mar 2010, 23:37
thaank you :D

although sounds to me like they wont release a trailer until E3, that seems a long way away from now :( sad panda

18th Mar 2010, 00:51
Very interesting. He gave some good answers. Shame we won't see a trailer for a while but I suppose it's better for building up the excitement nearer the release.

Max 28
18th Mar 2010, 05:28
That was great stuff! Thanks for sharing. I really like this, their building up quite a bit of excitement but as he says, we've only seen a very small amount of the game. :D

18th Mar 2010, 07:51
Am I the only one who'll say this but that Karl guy sounds very Irish... nothing wrong with that cause I've got Irish heritage!:lol:

Anywho, pretty cool interview non-the-less. So thanks for that!:D

18th Mar 2010, 11:36
It's the accent but he is pretty hot too! :lmao:

I am excited. I just want to see some footage now!

(And I wanna know what they are planning on doing with tr9 - I wanna see some teaser promo here too - I wonder if they will E3 TR9 too??)

18th Mar 2010, 12:03
(And I wanna know what they are planning on doing with tr9 - I wanna see some teaser promo here too - I wonder if they will E3 TR9 too??)

No, I doubt they'll show TR 9 at E3 if they'll be showing GOL. If they do then I personally see it as a bad marketing strategy on their part if they do. The reason is CD want you to buy GOL and the fact is I'm sure more people would rather see TR 9 than GOL; so, they won't want to over shadow GOL with hype of a new TR game in the form of a trailer or screenshots.

They want you to buy both.:cool:

18th Mar 2010, 12:37
Thanks for the link Katie; it was quite a cool interview. :)

Like I said before this game is really growing on me, at first I was sceptical but now I really want to see the game in action. Hopefully I won't get too hyped up about it because I remember what happened when I was waiting for Underworld... ^.^;

18th Mar 2010, 13:41
Well, after watching the interview i thought of; if CD loves to experience new things and would enjoy the arcade-style isometric view then why don't Eidos just hand them Commandos to work on it!, maybe they can bring back to life this long dead-and-buried AWESOME franchise. :)

I don't know!, its just a thought that hit me.

18th Mar 2010, 13:45
As I've said before its a great interview but I hope that in the run up to TR 9 or GOL that they do an interview that features Keeley talking about the characters and all that.... or maybe have it as some sort of extra?

Sorry, but I just love to watch interviews that allow the actor or actress to express how they feel about the character and all that... maybe I'm just a tad weird?:rasp:

Like Nolan North and crew do it for Uncharted and David Hayter does it for MGS. I just find it interesting and all that:D

18th Mar 2010, 14:15
thaank you :D

although sounds to me like they wont release a trailer until E3, that seems a long way away from now :( sad panda

Isn't E3 AFTER the release of the game?

18th Mar 2010, 14:35
No official set date other than "Summer 2010" ;)

18th Mar 2010, 14:49
No official set date other than "Summer 2010" ;)

I -for some reason- have the 12th August 2010 on my mind, so that will be my guess at the release date.

Is August classed as summer? I have no idea...:lol:

18th Mar 2010, 14:50
It is :) Up until Sept 21st I believe

18th Mar 2010, 15:19
Ah, so 12th August shall stay as my guess:D

When he mentioned about an experience system... I guess that will mean the whole get this much experience to level up or unlock something?:scratch: I know no one will know the answer properly like but no harm in asking.

20th Mar 2010, 20:10
and my heart has officialy failed me!!!yay me...anyways i think that b... c(my heart) will survivie untill the release of tr 9..u have a dying man here people so make it quick

anyways thnx for the link..
the game still sux

21st Mar 2010, 11:12
yeah august ftw! :D

21st Mar 2010, 11:41
yeah august ftw! :D

It's a good guess:lol: Playstation store is updated on thursdays and the 12th is a thursday and it is in in 'summer':D

22nd Mar 2010, 05:07
hmmm..it's the first time that i will buy a psn card..and only for this game!!

22nd Mar 2010, 19:02
How he was talking i think its going to literally EVERY console :D

22nd Mar 2010, 20:08
Could anyone summarize the interview?

22nd Mar 2010, 22:15
Could anyone summarize the interview?

Basically the guy (karl) says that the drop of the TR title is down to the fact that they (cd) thought it should be reserved for epic adventures. The guy says they will show footage around e3 2010 and the interviewer asked about an experience system and the guy said there is one in place but kept his cards close to his chest!

17th Apr 2010, 00:12
Holy popped collar, Batman!:lol: