View Full Version : Radeon 5570?

Big Isy
17th Mar 2010, 15:37
Is anyone actually running the game on a 5570? If so how does it fare? I'm interested in picking that card up, seems to be the best my puny C521 can handle.

18th Mar 2010, 18:17
I personally havent tried this as I have this card on my other computer. If someone here have the same card, they can probably be of more help to you, but looking at the benchmark, the 5770 actually does a little bit worse than the last gen's 4870, and the fact that 4870 is actually a very good card (some people are still using it in Crossfire and it is comparable to 5870), I think you could end up having a very good performance. Maybe not the best, but you can always tweak that out. Without AA or AF though, I'm sure you can play the game just fine.

18th Mar 2010, 18:52
The 5770 is quite a different card. The 5570 is at Radeon 4670 levels so it's not actually a bad entry level card, although ridiculously overpriced at the moment. I'd be very surprised if it won't play JC2 at all and should manage pretty good settings.

Big Isy
25th Mar 2010, 22:50
The power consumption is what really looks enticing. It's significantly lower than the 9600gt (which I still can't find!) and a little lower than the 4650 which I can find but don't want. I hate the fact that these cards are readily available in the US and yet nigh on impossible to get in the U.K.