View Full Version : Install Problem

16th Mar 2010, 23:41
I am having a problem with installation. As soon as it starts, I get a message that says
"There has been an error with this installation, please consult the Readme for technical support". When i click ok, I get the following:

Feature transfer error
Feature: DefaultFeature
Component: DLS_RootDirBmGame_3
File: D:\data2.cab
Error: Incorrect Function

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

17th Mar 2010, 10:26
It sounds like something may be going wrong when installing the files off disc. Other people have fixed this by copying the entire DVD contents to a temporary folder on their hard drive, then installing from the temporary folder instead of the DVD.

You'll still need the DVD in the drive to play the game. After install is done, you can delete the temporary folder.