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16th Mar 2010, 22:58
Single Player ! Co-Op ! Multiplayer ! Dog Days has all three of them ! which also makes it a instant game of the year , but that's another story ...

What exactly makes you want to replay a game ? ...
Supposing that Dog Days has no flaws in its technical aspect (meaning the controls are not bad , the sound is not in poor quality , and the visual isn't too old looking) , which element of a game in general makes you replay it a few more times ? ...

The storyline ? The trophies / achievement ? To play with a friend ? ...

And more importantly , what doesn't make you want to replay a game ? ...

If it's too hard ? Too easy ? Too un-memorable ? ...

It'll be interesting to see if we can find a nice balance and define what is a game with a good replay value ...

16th Mar 2010, 23:06
All i can think of is some 'horde' mode.

Two players start in a house or some dug out hole in the middle of the street while being attacked by all sorts.

Maybe a 'chase' mode?

Depending on difficulty, two players have to get from one side to another side of the map with a timer and with loads of enemies. The objective is to get to the escape car.

On easy you get a longer timer and less enemies and easy to kill.
On insane you got less time, more enemies and they are harder to kill.

Now that i think about this 'chase' game mode, it will fit the crazy shoot-out, insane, intense gameplay the devs wanted. It would be a challenge and could come in sets just like Modern Warfare 2 Spec-ops.

The camera angles, settings will fit the frantic escape to get to the other side of the map would be fun. Dragging each other's ass's towards the end will be a struggle, isnt that what the devs also wanted to achieve?

16th Mar 2010, 23:10
I'll give you a cookie if you made that game ...

16th Mar 2010, 23:11
You actually liked the idea or is that sarcasm? Hard to read sarcasm on the internet.

16th Mar 2010, 23:17
Yeah i remember pretty much everyone had a hard time knowing when i'm joking and when i was making compliments ...

In your case it was a compliment ...
*gives thunder applause* ...

It's true though , bonus modes and unlockable costumes or making of were always a nice neat feature , shame there's a only a handful of games this generation that has any kind of unlockables ...

Edit : we should look at games we played , particularly the short ones (around six hours) , and list the reasons why we did or didn't replay it ...

17th Mar 2010, 07:50
F1 for Bevacur, that would be awesome.
Also as Grievous stated, making of are nice feature, specially in the way of portal/tf2 with in game spots were you can listen to who made what why.

A level editor may help the online community, this can be released at a later time too.

joe the janitor
17th Mar 2010, 08:26
Campaign all the way. I have probably completed dead men 6-7 times.

Edit: For improving the replay value.... um dunno, maybe splitscreen fragile alliance. :hmm:

17th Mar 2010, 11:13
if the locations,scenes,musics will be interesting as it was in Dead Men it can be replayed forever.
i nearly played the part of dead men-till venezuela for like 100-150 times (not kidding)
because the atmosphere was awesome everytime i played it :D

17th Mar 2010, 11:27
What I can think of at the moment is:
1> Customisability - Players love to customise what they want in a game
2> Non-linearity - Ok maybe not open-world, but the fact that you got a choice from A to B is always a fun thumbs up
3> Memmorable moments - for me, K&L1 had very awesome memmorable moments, especially the moment where The older brother tells Kane "I treated you like a son" and Kane kills Mute... awesome moments

Unfortunately not everyone is going to agree with me.. But i'm trying to point it out as a general term

17th Mar 2010, 13:29
Just dish out as much opinion as you all can , we'll do the whole "agree/not agree" thing later ...

I think the replay value has also something to do with the accessibility of a game , for example Far Cry 2 , there were many ways to play that game and you might think that it means it's a game you'll be playing many times , but for me personnally , i can't play it more than once every seven months (yep , tried playing after six months , made my head hurt) ... I don't know i guess if a game demands a great investment of time skill and patience you won't be playing it very often , you might enjoy it , but you just can't play it all the time ...

Perhaps this explains why the standard first person shooters are so popular , you just run and gun , it's quick and effective , it eventually gets annoying but that's after playing dozens of nearly identical game structures ...

So , easy accessibility that demands certain skill but not too much investment , and the formula of fast paced action but with unique directions (such might be the case of Dog Days , it's the whole blurry shaky camera that will make it different from the other games , and hopefully makes us want to replay it a lot of times) ...

17th Mar 2010, 15:05
What makes me replay a game is good level design and a good story. This is why I can't bring myself to replay things like Call of Duty. The story of a game needs to be integrated into each mission, it should not just be an explanation thrown in after the mission was already made. Kane and Lynch:Dead Men was able to do this correctly, so I'm sure this will do it as well.