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16th Mar 2010, 22:48
So In the "War junky" trailer, we see Kane fighting in what seems likely to be Europe. (possibly Germany if I remember correctly) And we know that Glazer Is English and his crew is made out of ex-pats who couldn't hack it back in Europe. So, you think the two are connected?

I guess we don't have much to go on until we get those new videos tommorow, but I'll bet you we get double crossed, I mean, since the one English character in a game or a movie is 100000000% likely to betray the protagonist. (or protagonists!) I think Glazer is going to double cross K&L, unless IO make him a C-c-c-combo breaker or something :p

16th Mar 2010, 22:57
Maybe the guys Kane was shooting at are his enemies and will eventually find out where Kane is and hunt him down, therefore ******* up their situation in Shanghai even more badly. Maybe takes place during the beginning of the game?

Or the bag contained money for his daughter and Kane got ambushed by cops/ leftover The7/ Shanghai gang. Also explains why Kane looks in a bad state at the end of the trailer. This might take place at the end or near the end of the game.

This of course is speculation.

16th Mar 2010, 23:07
I kind of think that the shootout in the 'Between tenderness and madness' trailer (this alternative title is much better than 'War Junkie' , then again it's arguable) is independent from Dog Days' storyline ...
It's like the 'Lynch on Kane' trailer for Dead Men , it wasn't exactly in the game , but it adds to the atmosphere and theme of the game , and i believe the same goes to Dog Days , the shootout represented the new type of frantic pacing of the game , and the lil failed job story that goes with it was to give an idea of Kane's current mentality ...

But of course i wouldn't mind if Glazer had something to do with Kane ...

Turns Out It's His Brother ! ZOMG ! ...

17th Mar 2010, 11:32
My guess here would be:
Either 1 level where kane and lynch are fighting in totally different areas
Like.. You play as kane on shoot out, and lynch as a regular mission (but this would mess up offline co-op)
Intro that introduces both kane as being chased... Just guessing here