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14th Mar 2010, 18:16
I purchased BAA over Steam last night, installed the game and played until 3am. No problems.

Today, I played another couple of hours and noticed an odd and VERY annoying graphics glitch. I've been looking around online for a fix for the last hour and found nothing. I decided to check the official forums and nothing again. So, I'm posting to see if I can get a suggestion on how to fix this.

I ran the 'Can your PC handle the game' thing in the sticky thread. I got the following results:

Minimum Recommended CPU
Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3500+
You Have: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz

CPU Speed
Minimum: 3.0 GHz
You Have: 3.17 GHz Performance Rated at: 5.706 GHz

Minimum: XP = 1 GB, Vista = 2GB
You Have: 4.0 GB

Minimum: Windows XP & Vista
You Have: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (build 7600), 64-bit
Unfortunately Windows 7 was not available when this product was released, so it is not OFFICIALLY supported. In some cases if the product runs on Windows Vista, it may also run on Windows 7. Please review the publisher’s website for more information.

Video Card
Minimum: 128 MB 3D Graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300 or better)
You Have: GeForce 8600 GTS
Features: Minimum attributes of your Video Card
Required You Have
Video RAM 128 MB 2.0 GB
Hardware T&L Yes Yes
Pixel Shader version 3.0 4.0
Vertex Shader version 3.0 4.0

Free Disk Space
Minimum: 9 GB
You Have: 122.6 GB

But that doesn't quite tell you everything.

I'm running a Wolfdate E8500 x64 bit processor with 4 gigs of ram, W7 x64, SLI nVidia 8600 GTS cards.

Now, for an exact description of the bug:

I noticied it the first time I went to the medical wing. Just outside the building there was what appeared to be a flat alamost textureless lake. At first, I thought this was some sort of bizzare pond or water and someone had taken the easy way out and rendered in water sans reflection. Only, I could walk through the layers and see through them when I passed into them, but not through them when standing above them.

Guessing this to be a graphics glitch I exited and restarted the game. This time, there was low lying ground fog where the flat lake was before. I figured it was a graphics glitch and moved on. I quit a little bit later, went and had lunch and came back.

To keep from having the problem again, I lowered some of my settings, including the High PhysX that I had set before. (Now, the stacks of papers have glitches too: When hit, they seperate into a stack of single papers and stay stacked up but you can see between the pages...)

I played for a while longer sans glitch until I'm nearing the end of the medical wing. There is a cutscene with a doctor (trying to keep the spoilers down!) where you have to grapple into the ceiling. Only, the flat lake texture has returned! I have tried several times to get a screenshot but all I manage to get an image of is my desktop....

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

14th Mar 2010, 18:42

I thought I might have fixed it, but I was not able to. I was, however, able to use FRAPS to grab a screeshot:

http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/2152/shippingpcbmgame2010031.png (http://img718.imageshack.us/my.php?image=shippingpcbmgame2010031.png)

15th Mar 2010, 04:46
Are you video cards overclocked?
I think it's to do with the texels having the wrong co-ordinates, sometimes happens when video cards are overclocked too much. I noticed it myself once or twice in the mansion but mine weren't overclocked, it may be to do with windows 7 or the latest nvidia drivers as i've not seen it in XP or Vista (played it in all 3) I just had to go to the title screen and restart from my last savegame to resolve it

Also do you switch SLI off when using Physx?

16th Mar 2010, 16:08
While I have toyed with the idea of overclocking my video cards, I haven't touched them. They were a bit expensive and I've not the cash to replace them should I burn one out. Everything on them (Fan speeds, stepping, clock times, etc) are all what the factory set for me.

I wasn't aware you had to switch of SLI to use PhysX. This is the first game I've ever seen any kind of graphical artificing like this. I wouldn't even know where to start with swapping SLI on and off for this game while using PhysX. (I know how to turn SLI on and off, but I shouldn't /have/ to to get better performance!)

-Fade Down

16th Mar 2010, 16:32
Basically, when SLI is off (in the nvidia control panel) one card can be dedicated entirely to the graphics and one entirely to physx.

This is a much more optimal configuration when you consider that if both cards are using the shader cores to not only process the shaders, but also the Physx (in SLI all the data is sent to both cards to render).

Looking up the 8600GTS on the Nvidia website, it says it has 32 shader cores. The recommended spec for full detail and full physx is a GTX260 for graphics with a 9800GTX+ for Physx (although I can confirm that 2x9800gtx+'s will do fine with a powerful enough cpu)

The GTX260 has either 192 or 216 cores depending on the model, and the 9800gtx+ has 128.

The engine is designed so that if it thinks that performance will be affected negatively by Physx, it will simply stop making the calculations, meaning that papers or anything else that uses Physx will stop in mid air, which explains why the stacks of papers don't react the way they should in your case.

This doesn't solve the texel problems but I can also say I've been having similar issues with Far cry 2 and have a feeling that it is to do with the latest set of nvidia drivers. I'd try reverting back to something like 191.07 until the next set of drivers come out, you could also report the issue via nvidia driver feedback.

18th Mar 2010, 01:34
I went online to research dedicating one card as a Physx card and using the other for graphics. I checked several different places and could not find out how for the life of me to dedicate one card for PhysX.

After reading through most of nVidia's website (not really helpful) and reading through the HELP file in the hardware monitor itself (Which was finally helpful, after reading 80% of the file...) I realized that the option to even TRY to dedicate one is only activated if and only if you have two cards with PhysX engines on them.

Well, 8600 GTS cards have PhysX engines. I have two perfectly identical cards installed in the machine. Oddly, the hardware manager treats my installed cards as if only one has the PhysX engine.

I double checked to be sure that it was using BOTH Physx and SLI. (there are options to turn on monitoring fuctions that overlay a check box when it is using SLI and whether the CPU or GPU is being used for Physx.) And, according to the cards, I am.

I'm not having problems with any other games, Just this one. :mad2:

18th Mar 2010, 03:55
Restart your computer and try running the game again. I bet that solves the problem. I had a similar glitch happen once when I was in the Botanical Gardens. Restarting the computer fixed the problem. It was the only glitch I had running the game on my PC.

18th Mar 2010, 06:41
All you have to do is disable SLI in the Physx on/off SLI on/off page in the nvidia control panel and your second card will automatically become the dedicated Physx card.