View Full Version : MISC. Not a complaint, but 2 things I'd love in the future.

12th Mar 2014, 08:22
Love this game, happy to be invited to the Beta!

The two things are this, and I'm just spit-balling here.

1. Human close range, besides fire wall, explosive shot, or a well placed grenade launch, there aren't much human close range weapons, I'd think maybe a Blunderbuss or something as a skill(or even the main-hand of a future human) would be beneficial for the humans, because vampires are all up-in-your-face, and when they swarm you this would make for a good resort to surviving the attack. I am aware the potential for this being OP. So if its a skill, give it a long cooldown, or if it IS a future mainhand, then make it single shot, with a decent cooldown, or something along those lines.

2. Bot games. Again, I DO realize this is a closed beta, and I DO get why there is a "Recruit" matchmaking, and when Nosgoth is opened to the public the game community will skyrocket, but I believe it would help the gaming experience if there were a bot match option not only to help new people learn the dynamics of the game, but also to help veteran players hone their skills on the more difficult classes.

Ultimately, I love this game so far and think it's incredibly made, and feel extremely lucky to have gotten invited to the Beta.
(My friend and I signed up at the same time, and I got an invite and he didn't! So I rub it in his face all the time!)

12th Mar 2014, 15:14
Approved both :D :D
(expecially the second).

12th Mar 2014, 20:08
Agreed on singleplayer bot matches.

13th Mar 2014, 20:39
This game needs a character with a shotgun. Shotguns for the win. But in all seriousness, the game needs a more powerful close range character. The close range defenses that human characters have, hurt the user. So that would be a safer way to defend a fortified position and help teammates. Heavy close range damage but lacks long range power. Would give e great team dynamics