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14th Mar 2010, 04:46

Cutscenes: The cutscenes suffered from poor framerates, audio sync issues, and were unskippable (at times). For a demo, it's a bad first impression to make.

Keyboard Lag: Maybe my graphical settings are too demanding, but there was some serious keyboard delay, sometimes even 400ms or so (which is huge).

Map Zooming: It's inverse to what it should be. Scrolling towards the screen should zoom you in, not out.

Button Sequences: I've never been a fan of these. I can understand with the "hack the server!" stuff, but a button sequence to knock a guy out of a car? I think it was a poor design decision. It interupts the fast-paced flow, even if it is timed. I don't think I've ever lost one. It feels quite unnecessary. Being able to shoot the driver through the windshield should at least be provided as an alternative.

Alerting Military: I find stealth is quite impossible in this game. You can't sneak into a military base, because the second one guy sees you the whole base is alerted to your presence. If you kill an enemy with a melee kill (and no bullet is fired), everybody is still alerted. This is frustrating from a gamers point of view. Again, a poor design decision.

Grappling: It took me a little while to realize that you tap the key to grapple to something, or hold it to grapple two things together. A small "grapple these together" tutorial is probably a good idea.

Grapple Line: There isn't any collision checking at all for the grapple line. I understand that the programming for this function would take quite some time, and could introduce a plethora of new bugs, but it is a little disappointing to be able to drive through a solid line.

Gunner Seat: It should be possible to go from the the gunner seat in a vehicle back on top of the vehicle.

Controls: The controls are certainly hard to get used too. They don't follow common schemes that other games use. For example:
X for Hand Brake - Shift is a much more common key, and I don't see why it wasn't used.
Q for Melee - I'm surprised this isn't a button on the mouse, actually.
4 for the "Black Market" - Honestly, I think the black market should have been build into the F1 menu.
Tab - I never think to press tab when I'm running from a fight that I'm out-manned in, I just run. I think a double-tap on WASD should activate this instead. Actually, I think the F1 menu should have been accessible with Tab instead.

Explanations: There are a few things in this game that are rather confusing to newbies. Some of these should be explained better. For example:

Health Bar - Sometimes it regenerates, sometimes it doesn't. It should be explained early on how (by my understanding) bullets are just fine, but falling from too high is unrecoverable. After playing the game for days, I'm still somewhat confused.

Vehicle Health - It is difficult to gauge just how damaged ones vehicle is. If it's smoking or caught on fire then it's quite obvious, but other than some simple textures, it's pretty darn hard to guess. Could there be a small indicator on the HUD to suggest just how long until you have to find a new ride? I think it should be opposite of player health, and the military bar should be a color overlay on your radar: a stronger red if the military is stronger.

Military Alertness - The red bar and alert "levels" (which by the way, needs to get off of my radar!) should be explained better to the player. I assumed the red bar was my vehicles health for the first while. Which reminds me...


I was shooting my trusty grappling hook on top the mansion with the Colonel, and I happened to hook through the exterior and flew into the interior. Of course, I had to exit and restart the demo. I know these things are hard to avoid, but there should be better collision checking code for the grappling hook.

I also tried grappling to a jeep amid massive gunfight, and but ended up getting stuck in my shooting position. Rico appeared to be doing the can-can. I was stuck in place, unable to shoot, only to spin in circles. Luckily I had angered some local soldiers, and they decided to shoot me until death rather than capturing me.

A similar thing happened to me while grappling up in the mountains. I can't remember exactly what happened, but I grappled a tree, deployed my parachute (heard the grapple break sound), and then tried grappling again but couldn't. I landed on the ground and noticed Rico's arm was stuck in an extended position, as if I were grappling still. I couldn't fire any weapons, but I could move. I jumped off a cliff and deployed my chute, which fixed this bug. Thankfully I was in the mountains beforehand.

Despite these complaints, I really do think it's a fantastic game. The game is the epitome of bad-assery, and should be recognized as such. Grappling a biker to his bike and watching as he runs himself over has never been so awesome. I think (or hope) a lot of people will agree with the point I've made, and while it's too late to delay the game, I hope these fixes are worked in for future patches, or at least your future endeavors.

Again, fantastic game you guys. Please take my critique as a compliment, I don't normally sign up simply to let developers know my thoughts.

14th Mar 2010, 05:12
Additional Bug:

You only have one "wire thing", yet you are able to melee while it is extended. Also, you can attach an enemy to the bottom of a helicopter and then "stunt jump" underneath it, where you are both hanging from a wire. In these cases, you are able to have more than one wire at a time. This is more of an inconstancy than a bug, but I thought it was worth noting. Also, If you do stunt jump while somebody else is hanging from a helicopter, you are unable to grapple or even jump when hanging on from underneath, which I assume is a bug. You have to get back in and then jump normally (not stump jump) to be able to get away.

I apologize for not editing my previous post, but the Edit button appears to crash my webpage tab. A moderator is free to merge my posts.

14th Mar 2010, 06:32
The control lag is the primary issue for me, and it's been weird because sometimes it's so bad that I consider it unplayable and sometimes it feels great. I've been messing around with a lot of settings in-game, in my video card settings, even tweaking my bios a bit and I've mostly managed to make it play well although it was a totally unscientific process.

There is definitely something wrong with this game, even when I had really bad control lag, the framerate was smooth. I've also been playing Bioshock 2 and it has absolutely zero control noticeable control lag, twitch gaming at its best. I get the impression that the game doesn't skip frames or something, like if it gets behind it plows through and renders everything at a certain rate regardless, so the game gets out of sync. I'm not sure.

18th Mar 2010, 06:51
Additional Bug Report (Should I be posting these elsewhere, or even at all?): I grappled to a bike and the lady stood on the back for upwards of ten seconds. I finally managed to grab a screenshot, but from a bad angle.

And then she flew off...