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11th Mar 2014, 18:07
I did a search of the forums for motion sickness - no hits, nothing for blur either, or even really just "sick" - so I'm unsure if I"m the only one with this problem - although Nosgoth tweeted to me that this has been addressed here in the forums already.

I played this game for one match, and had to immediately put it down afterwards, and unable to pick it back up afterwards. The game is giving me incredible motion sickness. I turned off the motion blur, and fussed around with the Field of View during the match - both to no avail. It was making me very dizzy and lightheaded - with only one other game in the history of my gaming experience having done this before to me (The Witcher 1 & 2). The Witcher also features an over the shoulder camera. No other game ever, has given me motion sickness aside from the witcher and now nosgoth. I know a LOT of people had that same problem with The Witcher (just google it, it was very prevelant).

I'm wondering if anyone else has had any issues with this, and if they've managed to fix it.

The only thing that I think I can attribute it to, is the tiny zoom in when going to sprint. It's very unrealistic and creates an additional motion that doesn't coincide with the movement of my character - which - invariably is the cause of most motion sickness in video games. Usually, motion sickness in video games, comes from the game performing a motion that your brain can't register properly - either unable to attribute it to you personally as a stationary player, or unable to attribute it to the movement of the character; in which case the latter applies here.

Any feedback on this would be great, I would love to play this game, beta test it, and review it for my site; but i'm currently unable to do so.

11th Mar 2014, 23:05
I bet its a "Depth of Field" effect, try to turn it off. Coupled with big FoV number it can give you "fish eye" effect i suppose. I personally dislike any kind of blur and DoF can be tiresome for eyes sometimes. So turn off motion blur, DoF and set FoV to around 70 and try it.

11th Mar 2014, 23:16
Gonna go ahead and say I've never had this sort of trouble with Nosgoth. I do know what you're talking about, though.

I used to almost always get it from first person camera games. I still do, sometimes. I tried the new Amnesia game and I could only stand it for 15 minutes before I had to go lie down with a sensation that I had to puke.

From my experience this is something that differs from person to person, at least to the ones that have this problem. It's almost impossible to do an universal fix that will stop anyone from feeling sick.

You could try to fiddle around with the settings and see if anything happens, but I can't say that has ever worked in a game for me.

Personally (and I know this sounds weird and like an excuse) games that I enjoy don't really make me feel this way. At least not as quickly. The first FPS I ever even could play seriously was Left 4 Dead. Before that I'd just shunned anything in the FPS category because I just assumed I would get sick from even trying them.

11th Mar 2014, 23:55
Do you get it at all with vampires?

If it's just the sprint, we could add a toggle to disable the sprint cam stuff.

13th Mar 2014, 04:57
If i play with fov under 90 i usually get that feeling, try a game without sprinting as humans and if you have fov <90 i'd suggest putting it at 90-110.

14th Mar 2014, 04:09
It may be part of the over the shoulder thing. The witcher has a very balanced camera but dead space left me feeling like I wasn't just turning but being thrown back and forth. This is kind of in between I've felt sick after a wile on this once or twice.

19th Mar 2014, 15:22
Just tried to change my field of view to maximum today. Usually a normal decision as most competitive players will want to get the maximum possible sight. That cameramovement when starting/stopping to sprint got weird in such an awkward way there, that I got actual nausea as well. Especially since I'm running&rolling (during which the camera also moves back) all the time, that effect, that looks like one only used for drunken/under drug-effects in games, doesnt stop at all.

100 FoV is doing absolutely fine for me, but that the little change to 110 has such a huge effect on me suprised me as well.

Now what I can take from the thread so far is that there are multiple people who have issues like that and also that everyone experiences that on slgihtly different settings.

In short: I'd greatly appreciate if you guys would make that sprint-camera movement toggable, since I think as well, that this movement was responsible for that effect.

And seriously. I tested it this morning (also to find out what exactly of the movement made me feel bad) and my stomache is still rumbling D: