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12th Mar 2010, 11:06
I'm sure it's been said before (but so has everything), but a change to the camera to allow you to swing it all around Rico while skydiving/parachuting would really make the game (and more specfically the PS3's video capture) so much more valuable.

I don't care so much about zooming in and out like most others have commented, but I want to be able to spin the camera around Rico. Why does it have to force you to such a narrow view and not let you look behind him?

My main point is that I want to be able to record something like at 1:16 of the No Ordinary Mission Trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fm59LSmDc0). With a view of the explosion behind Rico as he leaps from the building. But, with this camera limitation, it's impossible.

It really lowers the value of the recording feature which has (or had) so much potential for being able to create some outstanding cinematic videos. I mean, it's better than nothing, but it could be so great with this simple fix. A patch perhaps?

Does this bother anyone else? MCM?

12th Mar 2010, 11:12
I was just thinking about that yestarday wile i played! If we would be able to change the camera to that view we can have some EPIC moments!

12th Mar 2010, 11:18
Exactly! Another example is when you're speeding into an object (ie, a gas station) and you parachute off of your car or bike or plane, awaiting the imminent explosion -- BUT -- you can't really look down as you're flying up into the sky and you miss the collision completely!! Another wasted video capture opportunity.

I hope MCM can pass this on, or something. It would open up so many more possibilities.

Not that I know anything about game design, but I can't imagine this would be too hard to fix, right?

12th Mar 2010, 18:23
Does clicking the right thumbstick work while free-falling, it seems to everywhere else.

12th Mar 2010, 19:53
Does clicking the right thumbstick work while free-falling, it seems to everywhere else.

No, I tried that. You think it would work, but no. Not really sure why not either? Seems like such a simple thing...and the testers should've discover immediately. I know I did the first time I base jumped in the demo...which was within the first minute.