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12th Mar 2010, 08:59
So if we pre-order from somewhere else like buy.com we won't get the downloadable content? Will we be able to download it from playstation store?

12th Mar 2010, 16:37
If you go to JC2 web site & click on the pre order link it'll show you the stores that offer the DLC. So buy.com will not have pre order extras. Some other posts in the forums are saying yes to future DLC. We can only hope. Some countries(not N. America) get a Limited Edition bundle w/ all the DLC. Don't know if that counts for you.

12th Mar 2010, 20:15
@Rawr ( ) Hi and welcome. :) It depends on where you're located.

Below are available downloadable content @each respective store.

- Rico's Signature Gun (Gamestop)
- Chevalier Classic (BestBuy)
- Bulls Eye Assault Rifle (Amazon)
- Chaos Parachute (Target)
- Agency Hovercraft (Walmart)

and Europe gets all of the above.

13th Mar 2010, 23:52
wow their being really f-ing cheap. i think im just gonna torrent it so i can download the items for free =_=

13th Mar 2010, 23:54
I smell a banhammer...

13th Mar 2010, 23:58
lol xD. well i just pre-ordered off of newegg for ps3. but if they do release it into the playstation store, will it be free or will i have to pay like $20 for it

14th Mar 2010, 02:53
Nothing in life is free, my friend.