View Full Version : Can't get into the game - control problem

11th Mar 2010, 13:25
I can get into the menus fine but when I try to start the actual demo I get the control list up on the screen and a prompt saying "Press the A button to continue" and it's got a graphic of the 360 A button even though I don't have a 360 controller plugged in.

I've tried spamming keyboard input to get past this screen but nothing works and I've even tried connecting a 360 controller a (at that point I get the back option so I know it's at least recognizing it) but no matter what I press on either device I can't get past that screen.

Any ideas?

I'm running 32 bit windows 7 on a core 2 duo E6600, 4 gig of good ram and an Nvidia gtx 280

11th Mar 2010, 13:44
you could delete the settings file in : C:\Users\#yourusername#\Documents\Square Enix\Just Cause 2\Saves , see if that works if not im not to sure what to try ..

11th Mar 2010, 13:53
Bingo! Worked like a charm, thanks very much!