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11th Mar 2010, 09:55

i just want to have a little information/discussion about how you mapped your controls.
So please use this thread not for complaining about bad controls. I just want to know how YOU actually play the demo to get, maybe, new ideas for a more quick/smooth gameplay.

To shorten the list of key's it would be nice if you just point out the difference between your keymapping and the standard. And maybe a few words on the "why" you did that and what benefits you see in that remapping.

So... let's start a hopefully long thread, where i can get a few ideas ^^

Zoom/Aim = RMB (right mouse button)
Why: Cause i can use it quicker than "C" which would mean i have to move fingers of the controlling hand to the Button = bad idea in a fast game where i never know when i have to run.

Granade = MMB (middle mouse button / Mousewheel-Press)
Why: Because i had to remap that, cause RMB is used by zoom.Key is also mapped to one of the Vehicle-Fire modes. The standard mapping would mean i have to move fingers of the controlling hand to the Button = bad idea while driving/flying.

Fire secondary gun = not assigned
Why: to be honest... klicking two buttons at the same time while trying to move the mouse too inaccurate.
Maybe i try to map that function to the LMB as well to fire two pistols at the same time.

So... how to YOU play?

Thank's for many posts ;)


11th Mar 2010, 11:08
I use one of these (Logitech G13) combined with a Logitech G3 mouse:


WASD bound to thumbstick on the G13, Dodge bound to thumbstick click.

LMB - Fire Primary
MMB - Grapple
RMB -Fire Secundary
Mouse thumb - Jump/Chute

Rest of the buttons are mapped out on the G13 pad:

Top left
G1 - PDA

Column 2 (Pinky)
G9 - Run
G15 - Crouch
G20 - Stunt Jump

Row 1
G2 - Grenades
G3 - Single Weapon
G4 - Dual Wield
G5 - Twohanded
G6 - Beacon

Row 2:
G10 - Scope
G11 - Reload
G12 - Melee
G13 - Use

I play this way because I can do all movement with only my thumb, leaving me four fingers for other controls. I usually use my pinky for stances, and have every control just one key away from where my fingers are "parked" (Pink on crouch, fingers on Scope, Reload, Melee).

The thumbstick can be bound to emulate keys (WASD), or be used as a normal thumbstick.

I wish JC2 would support remapping so the thumbstick control is actually analogue, which would allow for far better control of vehicles.
This setup in games that support it (good control bindings, #1 reason why I play PC) gives me the best of two worlds:
1) aim with mouse for greatest precision.
2) move with analogue stick for best control.

11th Mar 2010, 11:50
i am just using the default keys that are in the demo , i like to leave them how they are for every new game , it adds a steeper learning curve to it all , it just another challenge to crack...

11th Mar 2010, 14:53
I'm using a Logitech G500.


There aren't many games that leave me wanting a mouse with even more buttons. Unfortunately, this is one of them...:p

I usually want to keep as many functions as I can on the mouse, so I can perform them without taking my fingers off of WASD. That way I don't have to interrupt my movement in order to do things such as melee attacks and changing weapons.

In this particular game, the functions are mainly concerned with weapon switching, the grapple, melee attacks, fine aim, and evade.

Right now my setup is as follows...

Left/Right = Primary/Secondary fire

+ button = Grapple

- button = Evade and Handbrake when in vehicles

Front thumb button = Two-handed weapon

Middle thumb button = Switch to dual-wield

Rear thumb button = One-handed weapon

Mouse Wheel tilt left = Fine Aim

Mouse Wheel tilt right = Toggle Grenades

Mouse Wheel Middle click = Melee

Melee is sort of hard to do on this mouse. Sometimes I'll accidentally tilt the mouse wheel when I click down on it, so it really isn't the best spot for melee. I might be forced to relocate it to the keyboard...

Speaking of keyboard...

Everything is pretty much stock, except for a few buttons..

2 = Beacon

F = Stunt Jump