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11th Mar 2014, 16:16
I know there was another topic on this subject but i couldn't find it.
The vampire regenerates health while humans don't so that's a little advantage over the humans.
My suggestion is maybe u could make the healing stations to heal the humans for 100% of their hp...i saw in the videos that it's like 70-80% just like when the vampire executes a human,but sience the humans don't regenerate life and the stations have some cd time (2 mins for what i understood)i think it would be ok to give 100%.

11th Mar 2014, 16:25
I think not. Humans just have to use health station and move from the place when they don't have anymore, they can always have a health station near them to heal up and you have alchemist heal too (very not bad). So i don't think your idea is good.

11th Mar 2014, 16:38
Well i never see an alchemist that actually uses the heal abillity and sience the humans have to stick together i think it's hard to get too far from the grup for a healing station and in the end not to even get full hp...but i never played the game so maybe ur right.

11th Mar 2014, 16:44
When you know how to play, you stick to your group near a healing stations, so you can take your heal while your team cover you and when the healing station is already used your team need to move at another defense point where have another healing stations. At some defense points you have more than 1 healing station near your point so you can at the end of a fight go to heal you while your mates cover you :)

If you can't see alchemist use this abilitie is just because for the scoreboard it doesn't show your healing done so ... for most people it's not viable (only for stats).

11th Mar 2014, 19:16
I believe Vampire feeding restores 50% of total health, and regen covers 20%, so the most a vampire can heal at once is 70% (assuming you aren't attacked between regen and feed), which is on par with what Humans get from heal stations.

11th Mar 2014, 19:52
Completely disagree with OP.

Humans have the easiest way to get hp back. If a battle goes bad and you somehow survived, you can always get hp back unless somehow you used up every supply spot which is highly unlikely. As a vampire if a battle goes wrong, youre pretty much screwed. You will end up dying and giving a point away if you are unable to first get a kill and next be able to safely execute. If the human team is good, they will guard that food. So vamps have it the hardest when it comes to healing.

In addition, if you are worried about the fact of the 300hp regen a vamp has, y don't u just use a supply depot when you are at 700-800 hp? I always do. It may seem like a waste but its not. You just move on to a different spot on the map so that you can resupply right after battle. Move around don't just stick in one place (unless you have still not used up those supplies).

IMO executions should give more hp and health stations should give less. Much harder to execute in a match against a good human team than it is to heal against a good vamp team.

11th Mar 2014, 21:33
Absolutely not. Humans heal just fine already. And MarinePikachu is right: Executing is harder than healing.

12th Mar 2014, 03:08
I personally think that the healing for both teams is great where it is. If you were to make healing better for one, do it for both. Oh and from what I gather it is 50% for vampire feeding, 30% for regen. And 80% for a healing station. Which more often then not brings you to full life.
The perks for healing could be better for each team though. Maybe using stations faster for humans, as well as heal more (which is the current effect). Vampire regeneration perk could use a total healed bonus. Maybe bring the total regen about to about 40%. But those are my ideas on how to strengthen/differentiate them better.