View Full Version : Preload on Steam?

10th Mar 2010, 22:35
I have JC2 pre-ordered on Steam already, but was wondering if anyone knows if we'll be able to preload it (download it the day before release day) so that it's on our computers and can be activated on release day?

11th Mar 2010, 14:22
I certainly hope so. My connection is ridiculously slow, by 2010-standards (110 kbps max), and I would love to have a couple of days to preload this game so it's ready to play when this masterpiece is finally released to the crowd.

11th Mar 2010, 16:04
yeah i'd like it aswell, it is soo annoying when you have to download a game and just want to PLAY it!!!!!

22nd Apr 2010, 09:24
This is probably a n00b question (), but how exactly do you preload games on steam, is there like an option somewhere? Somehow I pre-loaded Portal (don't know how) and would like to preload the rest of the Orange Box..

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22nd Apr 2010, 11:11
When you buy it it goes into your steam list, and you just click on it and tell it to start downloading.