View Full Version : Bug @ church tower!

10th Mar 2010, 18:56
When you grapple to one of the edges in the church tower ( the tower with the bell inside) you will jump in the middle of the tower like just one small room and you cant exit the only way out is suicide ( or exiting the game...duh)

10th Mar 2010, 19:15
yer there is post about this already mate , i think they know the issue and will try to fix it , maybe mace the wooden floor breakable with a wipe of the grapple ..

10th Mar 2010, 23:14
Actually, if you are lucky with a grenade you can get out.

Cook a grenade long enough that when you throw it, it will explode relatively close to the ceiling. Throw said grenade directly up, I suspect this is probably possible with the 'nade launcher and C4 as well by the way. The explosion should take out the struts for the top of the tower, causing it to come down, breaking a hole in the ceiling. Obviously this depends somewhat on how it collapses, but it's worked a few times with me now. After that, just use your grapple to get out :)