View Full Version : Just Cause 2 PC Demo Patch now LIVE

10th Mar 2010, 17:20
Patching your Demo
Patches are made available through Steam and will auto install when you run the demo, you can verify the patch has taken place by checking the title screen where the version number is shown at the bottom of the screen.


Just Cause 2 PC Demo Patch – Version Number (Released 11 March 2010)

General Stability

NOTES: This patch fixes general stability issues and increases compatibility with older Nvidia drivers. It is recommend that you update your drivers to the latest version to ensure optimal performance.

Just Cause 2 PC Demo Patch – Version Number (Released 19 March 2010)

New Benchmark mode
Helicopter controls functional when re-entering a spinning helicopter in mid-air
New MSAA options added
SSAO intensity tweaked

General stability issues
Various localization fixes
Problem with CUDA water while using SLI configurations
Bokeh option is no longer shown when it isn't supported

NOTES: New comandline options added for advanced PC users:
Improved default video card selection in multi-GPU systems (override with commandline option /dxadapter=<index>)
Framerate cap commandline option (/framratecap=<target_fps>, default: disabled)
SwapChain buffer count commandline option (/dxbuffers=<count>, default: 1)
FOV factor commandline option (/fovfactor=<factor>, typical values 1.0 - 2.0)