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11th Mar 2014, 13:07
Haye here,

i'm Wiztbold and i want to suggest a mode idea to square enix because we can't stay with these only 2 modes (too boring if we stay like this). So let's go for the suggestion and sorry for my english not too good :)

Vampires Assault

Vampires Assault must be a mode where you only have humans faction. The mode is Humans vs Vampires (IA) based. The goal is easy, or hard, depend on the time you survive (MOUAHAHHAHAHAHAH). so ... Vampires assault concept is to have Humans need to survive to vampires waves. This is easy, yes ... but more time you survive, more vampires waves are HARD and the goal is the survive the most you can without all dying. now i give you ideas to get this mode possible :

Humans :

One life per humans per waves.
Can heal by health stations during a wave.
All humans are resurrect and full healed at the end of a won wave.

An abilitie can be created only for this mode for the Alchemist :

Don't give up (Vampires Assault only) : Ressurect a member of your party with full life. Cast time : 2 secondes. Cooldown : 1 use per wave

I think the idea is good and can be more developped, but the main principle is here.

11th Mar 2014, 15:02
Like Space Marine Exterminatus mode :]


Аll would be better if devs would forward the efforts for PVP modes and do not repeat the mistakes of the dead games.

11th Mar 2014, 15:22
Yeah sure, but the problem is to find some attractive mode. The TF2 robot mode like space marine exterminatus mode work good on TF2. I just try to find some others possibility than only deathmatch :)