View Full Version : some clunky controls and low vehicle draw distances

10th Mar 2010, 03:18
The only bad things about this game are changing your pitch while skydiving is EXTREMELY slow on a keyboard, the vehicle weapon controls are buggy (if my equipment controls for shooting/nades are mouse1 and 2 then the vehicle weapons are all on mouse2 and if I try to fix that it switches it around so the equipment controls are mapped to one button), and also the vehicle draw distances. Cars seem only to appear within like 100 yards, helicopters can be seen from a REALLY long way away, then the plane on the ground at that airstrip only appears within 50 ft of the thing (its like 10ft on the PS3).

I have a high end PC (GTX 295 with an overclocked core i7 920 etc etc) and I get perfect performance with every setting maxed out with 16x aa and af so I would like to see an option to increase the draw distances of everything or at least be able to make a config to increase it. Not to mention, this is the PC, we like to push our rigs to the limits. I suppose someone will find a way to make configs etc if it isn't officially supported but it would still be very nice to increase draw distances.

Plus, those skydiving and shooting (vehicles) controls need to be fixed. Of course, this is just the demo so I may be speaking too late and this has already been sorted out BUT, just in case it hasn't, please someone hear me out and FIX IT ;)


Everything else is AWESOME just some little things in there that screw up the experience a little for me and whoever else has noticed.

10th Mar 2010, 04:37
I don't know what you mean about controls, they feel perfect to me, quick, responsive, everything you look for.

10th Mar 2010, 08:19
I don't know what you mean about controls, they feel perfect to me, quick, responsive, everything you look for.

The problem is when you rebind secondary fire, it messes up the fire controls for vehicles. It's been mentioned several times on the forum already, and can be found in the consolidated JC2 demo issues thread.

11th Mar 2010, 02:32
If you read the post I said the skydiving controls were clunky because of how much longer it took to change pitch and looking down was impossible with the mouse (which I forgot to mention) everything else is perfect I agree.

18th Mar 2010, 19:12
you should play just cause 1 controls are totally "awesome" :mad2: :lol: