View Full Version : PC 360 controller forcefeedback bug

10th Mar 2010, 01:19
I have two versions of this demo, one for the PS3 and one for the PC. I couldnt help but to notice a problem with force feedback on the pc with the 360 controller. Basically on the PS3 when you grapple in, the controller feedbacks as you are grappling in. It doesnt do this on the PC version with a controller. Only a minor problem, but it bugs me because the force feedback adds alot to this game.

11th Mar 2010, 02:06
Lucky you, I can't get my controller to work at all. I have a non-360 controller that works fine in other games but JC2 does not seem to accept it at all. Am I to assume the only controller that will be usable will be 360? It would be nice if two things happened:

1. Accept non-360 (I have a Playstation 3-like controller) controllers.
2. Allow to map controller buttons to actions

Since this is a demo it might just not accept other controllers until full game but I hope that is the case and hope they do not force you to use a 360 controller only.