View Full Version : Great Job, Here are Somethings i'd like to know

10th Mar 2010, 01:18

I am not sure if my flight stick is supported fully. I can't get the directional axis to work but I can get the buttons to work with the profile manager. I have the Saitek x45 Flight stick and throttle.

I also have the Logitech MOMO Racing wheel and would like to use that also. I can't seem to get that working and I don't see an option for it in the controler set up in game.

I also have a Logitech G13 Advanced game board which has a joystick on it, I would like to know if there is support for that particular type of joystick.

I also have a Logitech Cordless Rumble Pad 2. I don't think there is support in the demo for that yet. will there be?


Some things i'd like to see...

Additionaly to 3rd person view I would like to see a cockpit and a hood camera view added. You can cycle through the camera views on the fly with a button to the one that suits you.

rico should be able to lean left and lean right at a full range and leaning shoud be done with presure sensitive controls so he can control how far he leans using the joystick on the Logitech G13 Advanced Game Board would be great for this. (Thief 4 would be great with this option also)

Duck and Crouch should be pressure sensitive and at a full range meaning you can get down very low and also would be great on the Logitech G13. This way you can control how low and high you are when crouched. you can use the thumbstick down axis to crouch and the left and right axis to lean left and right at any range you like this way you can lean out far if you chose or just take a small look. You can use the up axsis to peek up while standing to get a small boost from the top of an object.

When crouching rico should be able to hold his crouch posture while moving forward backward left or right. right now when he crouches and starts to move he pops right up to a standing position.

When using the mini gun rico should be able to move forward backward left and right while fireing. even if he can't run.

Additional rudder controls for planes and jets
a way to raise and lower landing gear
Missle Lock, bombs
all things radar (enemys, enemy incoming missle on radar)
Rotation and straffe for the chopper.

I think those are some great additions that it might even have allready in the full version.