View Full Version : ABILITIES Question: are downsides on uncommon abilities still active when the timer runs out?

11th Mar 2014, 09:55
I recently got a green Savage Pounce from a level reward chest that IMO is actally worse then the common one (+5% movement/attack speed *for 5 seconds after a kill*, -10% wall climb permanent), that has a green timer for it's mods being active.

Since the mods are so bad, I considered letting it run out and maybe use it occasionally, but if it's always just straight worse the the usual one I might reconsider.

11th Mar 2014, 09:58
Good question. Couldn't tell ya. from experience...I've still got 29 days left on my (only used) Uncommon. Love that those timers are only active while ingame, in a match. Makes me very, very happy.

The only good Uncommon "roll" i got was for my Hunter's repeater, really. -8% Recoil, I lose 2% movement speed....

Well I could never outrun the leeches anyway. Losing 2% more isn't gonna cripple me if my spray is more defined as a trade.

I think I got the better end of the bargain..

11th Mar 2014, 10:06
Somewhere in the forum one of the devs did say both stat modifiers wear off, which means you get a normal weapon/ability like the ones bought from the store.