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11th Mar 2014, 02:27
I recently ran into a frustrating issue of locked loadouts and grayed-out Play buttons which one Raina Audron helpfully solved...But her solution raises a question worth asking. Her solution...

Make sure the perk you have equipped on those characters hasn't expired, switch it for a daily perk and you can choose those classes again.

...Worked like a charm but rather begs the question: If a perk or something has expired, why doesn't it just leave the inventory as it logically should? The rental's expired. You don't own it anymore. It has no reason to remain as if you do still own it.

It's rather ridiculous that so many people are reporting this 'bug' (three or four separate threads at least, by my count and not even counting the one I made) that is actually just caused by the inventory being cluttered by redundant and useless junk...Whether it be perks or abilities or whatever, if it's expired, just wipe it out of the inventory altogether. (On a similar 'pointless clutter' note, duplicates. I don't need an expired ability uselessly collecting dust and confusing me when I just bought another week of it.)

11th Mar 2014, 17:24
I think part of the issue is related to the uncommon/rare loot. Once it's bonuses expire it stays in inventory as a regular version of the item, but it can be recharged to gain its effects back. The game code might be treating expired perks and normal skills in the same manner, even though there is no functionality to recharge them from the inventory.
Anyways, you can right click items and delete them from inventory screen. It's not a huge hassle right now but I can see how it could be a problem.

11th Mar 2014, 19:40
yes i would also like it to switch the perk out for the daily if the previous perk has run out. I would also like the used up perks to be removed from the inventory. What is the point on keeping them there? They are just taking up space.

As for in code, it should easily be possible to do this. If they can differentiate between skill and a perk (which they can otherwise you would be able to put the perk in the skill slot), then they should be able specifically swap an old perk out for a new one.