View Full Version : Crash FIX (NVIDIA, could work for others)

8th Mar 2010, 07:28
This worked for me, I hope it works for you:


Run this, start "game mode" and let it temporarily close everything non-essential.
(also, I told it to defrag the game too, dunno if that helped or not)

My computer constantly crashed in this game, sometimes even on the loading screens.
If I turned all the settings down, it would last longer, but I never had framerate issues, it just kept dying.
But this program completely solved the issue!
Don't ask me why, I don't know, but it did.

I went from having a max play time of like, ten minutes to playing it for HOURS (using the cheat) and finishing every single town, I have cleared the demo completely, even doing my best to earn all the little extra bits (like base jumping 300 metres and such) and I had no crashes at all.

Not only that, but before I had all the settings down just to last that measley ten minutes, now I can run everything max with no issues (except that gives me 40fps, so I turned a few things off for the full 60)

9th Mar 2010, 00:47
Im gonna try this, thanks mine freezes after about 20 mins.. makeing me crazy

Well, It did not work!

9th Mar 2010, 01:27
Damn, was hoping it'd help others too. Sorry it didn't =\

9th Mar 2010, 02:39
henss why i didnt make a topic about the game booster i posted last week ..

9th Mar 2010, 03:00
Why wouldn't you?
It fixed my problem, so I shared it to see if it helped others, if it helps just one other person then great.
Hence why I made the topic =p
(also, wish you -had- made a topic about it last week, I would've enjoyed the game back then instead of being frustrated and annoyed up till yesterday)