View Full Version : Snap View Solution is already in game!

8th Mar 2010, 00:22
I just found out that when your flying if you hold down right click and pan the camera, it will stay right where you want it to and will not snap back until you release the right click!

This is one thing that really annoyed me, but now I can enjoy the view any way I want without it snapping back after 2 secs!

I answered this in another thread, but I thought having a this thread with a better title may help others find this easier.

Works for vehicles too!

8th Mar 2010, 02:32
That's awesome!! I really didn't like that it snapped back...so annoying! Nice find and thanks for posting it :)

8th Mar 2010, 05:13
That'd be bad if you're in a chopper or the car with a gun on the back.....