View Full Version : Mysterious Circles at Lara's feet, are they a clue to GoL's gameplay??

7th Mar 2010, 10:31
Ok, so by now it either has or hasn't sunken in yet, this is Lara Croft's next adventure. It may not have the Tomb Raider seal of approval, so I guess it doesn't put it in the TR1-9 category, but that's up for debate at another time. Though a few bits and pieces have been given on plot, and gameplay, as for co-op, let's start there for our speculation shall we? I spot with my little eyes faint circles of color at Lara's and Totec's feet,


and the view is reminiscent of many other games, one series that comes to mind is Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, I wonder if the gameplay is like it as well! I suppose we can be either character, so when Tihocan's distant cousin there, walks the tight rope, we have to be him (when playing alone) and not when playing with someone else online. :scratch: Any thoughts? Is there any other way it could work.

7th Mar 2010, 11:30
i was wondering what the circles are... but i thought maybe it was something for the wii... but i dunno. they might be for aiming type things but whatever. we'll find out sooner or later.

7th Mar 2010, 11:39
lets wait and know :) .... I think that these are to know who we are and who is the 2nd player .. or maybe to switch between lara and tetec..

7th Mar 2010, 12:38
they probably show which character you are plating with, Maybe one can swap between characters in single-player mode :)

7th Mar 2010, 23:53
I thought they were health. but idk

Max 28
8th Mar 2010, 02:36
I think you'll be able to switch between the two characters in single player mode. Like Lego star wars was it? So that's the purpose of the circles.

8th Mar 2010, 11:16
Yeah,it's probably like the sims; selection based icon thingamajiggys.

9th Mar 2010, 00:53
Usually just icons to distinguish your characher from the other characters around. Seems a bit like what you see in some strategy games

9th Mar 2010, 04:19
It reminds me of RPG style character icons. In some RPG 'over head' style games(like this one looks),there are player indicators like this.

9th Mar 2010, 06:36
*Gulp!* RPG?! Those 3 letters have the same effect on me as does a cross to a Vampire.

I'm really crossing my fingers for an arcade tie-in.

@hyrule12, hmm... It never crossed my mind that it could be for health, that would mean,.. that we would need to care about Totec's life diminishing. :lol:

@hiMe, well the diamond thingamajiggs do look like the save crystals from olde TR's. Thinking back now, I remember trying to save a Sims game following the diamonds on the heads thinking they were on the ground. he he. I now know they indicate the sim being used, which could be like what these circles are for.

I wonder if they have the same color schemes for an avatar's state of health too.

I have been wondering, what if you're playing the other non Lara dude and someone joins from online and takes Lara's spot. Does that mean you can't switch back?

Max 28
9th Mar 2010, 08:40
Nah you can probably switch back if you both select the option or something. Or if you're like the host of the game.

12th Mar 2010, 01:45
I think you'll be able to switch between the two characters in single player mode. Like Lego star wars was it? So that's the purpose of the circles.

Yes, that is what I think it is.

12th Mar 2010, 03:58
Even if there is character switching think I would stick with Lara as much as I could.

13th Mar 2010, 01:44
Those circles have got to go!

Max 28
13th Mar 2010, 02:25
Yeah, it's gonna be a bit of a fight between who gets Lara in multiplayer mode hehe. But Totec may be really cool ya never know.;)