View Full Version : Why did B:AA install "Dual-Core Optimizer" for AMD systems? I'm Intel/NVIDIA here...

6th Mar 2010, 03:37
I'm running Win7 64-bit on an Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 w/ PNY / NVIDIA 9800GT EE 1GB ("Energy Efficient" single-slot card, no internal power connector). In other words, this system is AMD/ATI-free.

With no AMD / ATI component, I'm surprised that this "Made for NVIDIA" game installed that software component. From what I can tell, "Dual-Core Optimizer" was designed only for the earliest AMD64x2 CPUs and SHOULD NOT be installed on any other system.

I purchased and downloaded the game through the Games for Windows Live Marketplace. I never installed a demo previously.

I also purchased the game through GFWLM for my nephew. The AMD Dual-Core Optimizer never installed on his system. He's running a Intel Core i5 / P55 / NVIDIA GTX280 (also AMD-free).