View Full Version : Not Another "Can I Run it?" Question!!!

6th Mar 2010, 03:03
...Sorry guys it is...

I'm a PC n00b...I admit it, please tell me how well I could run JC2 with the following specs.

Intel Core i5 Quad-Core 2.66 GHz 8mb cache
3Gb RAM DDR3 1333 MHz
Windows 7 Home Premium
Radeon 5770 1024mb DDR5 DX11

Whaddyall think? Low-Med-High???

6th Mar 2010, 03:06
The reason I don't test it out on the demo is because my friend hasn't given the computer to me yet, he's getting a new one and I'm getting his old one...which he claims is pretty decent, but I have no bloody clue.

6th Mar 2010, 03:07
Why don't you play the demo and see for yourself?
Personally I think you'll max it. I have a 4890 card and only a quad-core which isn't so special that maxes it. Yours is core-i5 better than mine, you should max it!:)

6th Mar 2010, 03:09
you have those kind of specs and your REALLY asking? im running a dual core, 2 gigs of ram and 2 9800 GTs and running at at medium or so settings and i was figuring i could.. :P

6th Mar 2010, 03:17
Hmm...well this is satisfying...I do believe I might purchase this game now.