View Full Version : chrono trigger and chrono cross suggestion remake

10th Mar 2014, 11:19
I love video games many square that created titles like hitman and other games like rpg.

But so far not found a good rpg game, you have come out as final fantasy games are very good games. but I always hoped to create square games like chrono trigger again and chrono cross in remake because I like totally all the story, dialogue, bosses, music, characters, etc..

Overall everything. But of course, I liked the game chrono trigger is. If I had the console to play it right now, I would play. As if I had the console to play chrono cross.

So that as a suggestion and I think it should to get those game titles again and with the new technology out there, be successful titles like years back again. Sure I think that I and the other people I hope that one day return to those titles out today.

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks so:rolleyes:
Thanks for taking my suggestion on these games.:)

5th Jul 2014, 00:15
Its imperative a remake of CHRONO CROSS, for PSVITA, 3DS or whatever!