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10th Mar 2014, 09:24
I noticed that Hunters have a sword on their back but they cannot use it, what about to implement an ability wich would use that weapon?


Slash: the Hunter extract his sword and slash enemy vampires in front of him (the vampire must be so close to the Hunter). Damage: 250-300.

10th Mar 2014, 09:57
The developers have stated that they want humans to be ranged and vampires to be melee, creating asymmetrical gameplay. This might change, but I believe abilities like that would go against their current intentions for Nosgoth. Although you are definately not the first one to request such an ability from the Hunter ;) Perhaps he can throw it instead?

10th Mar 2014, 10:55
I know that they want Humans to be ranged, but the sword would be a skill-single hit with countdown, not a weapon like the crossbow. Something to use when the vampires come too close.

Throw the sword? Nah, the Scout already throw knives :D

10th Mar 2014, 18:02
Honestly, the devs should just remove the "sword" from the Hunter. It does makes him look like a bad ass, but it's a bit misleading. I put quotes on sword because I've always considered it more of a machete (yes, a machete is classified as a sword but its main purpose is as an agricultural/exploring tool).

As for game play, the Hunter is a bit OP at the moment and a strong close range melee ability might be too much.

10th Mar 2014, 21:08
I know that Hunter is balanced now, but i cannot see that sword and cannot use it :D :D

Btw, some skin doesen't have the sword, is it right?

10th Mar 2014, 22:40
Most requested feature ever.... Don't hold your breath though.

11th Mar 2014, 04:44
The sword looks short enough that an extra skill for throwing it in a spiral (perhaps in place of bola) seems feasible, and I doubt you'll find someone to argue against it ... so long as it doesn't break balance.