View Full Version : I am at 66%...how do I continue?

5th Mar 2010, 19:34
Hello to all!
Firstly, I apologize if my question is stupid but I have spent some time within the game to figure out HOW after beating Joker at the end do I continue the game because it says that, although I defeated Joker the overall game percentage is still in 66%...how come?
What do I have to do after-wards..?
Thanx in advance for your reply and sorry if seems a stupid question!
P.S. I have only completed the 1% of the Challenges? Does it plays any role in the overall of 66%? Shall I complete the challenges if I want to get to 100%?

5th Mar 2010, 20:37
hai there. the reason you're @66% after beating story mode is normal. you just have to backtrack around Arkham and collect Riddler trophies, solve riddles, scan, etc. and yes, completing the challenges on challenge mode also contributes to the 100% completion. good luck!