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5th Mar 2010, 05:04
Hi all,

I just wanted to say that the demo actually kicked some ass. I suck at grappling, but hopefully I will get better soon. The demo itself actually is great. However, I got some weird problems regarding the control. I'm using keyboard/mouse setup and here are some of my issues:

- Mouse: Somehow the sensitivity is different for each mode. When I am standing and shooting, I'm fine, vehicles needs some getting used to, but ultimately is fine. However heli/plane sensitivity is a bit off. It becomes very slow and I need to slide 5-10x just to make my heli turn around. Is there anyway to change the way the heli controls (like A/D to rotate and mouse left/right to roll, or something), otherwise please add the sensitivity for heli/plane controls please?
- Mouse: I am using gaming mouse (Steelseries) and I tried with different mouse as well. Mouse button 1, 2, 3 worked fine but for some reason it didnt recognize my other buttons (I have 2 more buttons) that it wont recognize and instead will clear the button assignment instead because it says it has been used as another action.
- Mouse/keyboard; When freefalling and/or stunt position, the mouse is overly sensitive and there is no setting to change. This is causing a lot of confusion when I am trying to freefall/base jump and/or parachuting and end up hitting the ground when I shouldnt have.
- Keyboard: What is the button to WALK? Is there even a button for it or do I have to use a joypad?
- Keyboard: Why cant I crouch and walk? What is the crouch used for anyway? If the stealth mechanism is a bit underused, might as well not have crouch and use it for walk or something. Rico is bullet sponge too, so crouching for cover doesnt really do anything.

Overall game:
- Menu options: Why is it taking such a long time for me to save a configuration change? Not just graphical change, but ANY changes (like 3-5 seconds). Thats a bit annoying after some time.
- Stuttering: There was a period where after some time, the game just froze for good 5-10 seconds before resuming again. I'm not sure what is causing this. I have an NVidia 285GTX card and updated driver. I tried turning off a few stuff (AA, AF, HSAO, Dynamic shadow) and now it didnt do it as often, but then right now my current setup is no AA, 8xAF, HSAO ON, High res shadow OFF, Vsync is OFF). Any ideas?

I guess that is it for now. Demo is great and my preorder is already set. I just hope the PC version will be treated better with patches and DLCs. Keep up the good job guys!

5th Mar 2010, 15:35
Anyone care to comment or add to the list?

I really think this should be addressed. It is not in anyway a big game stopping issues, but it is big enough to annoy players.

5th Mar 2010, 16:30
I'd like to know if it's possible to turn off mouse steering when flying helicopters, parachuting and freefalling? I'd love to be able to look around and take in the sights while I'm up there, but I don't want to turn at random while I'm doing it.

Also, there's a horrible, restrictive 'snap-back' on the mouse when flying a plane - You can look around freely, but as soon as you stop moving the mouse, the view jerks back to the standard third person. Again, all I wanted to do was look around at the GORGEOUS landscape...

If this isn't possible through the config, or a bit of .ini bashing, any chance the JC2 devs are reading, so that this could be added in a patch? Would greatly improve my enjoyment of the game.

The other thing I'd like to point out was posted in another thread - can the parachute and jump buttons be seperate keys? This was the case for JC1, I see no reason why it needs to be different now. It's annoying, because I have space as my default key for both handbrake and jump - under the current system, I'll try to do a handbrake turn, but end up parachuting out of my car instead... Sure, there's a separate handbrake key, but it's rather akward. Can't JC2 be the same as basically every other game?

These are the two issues that are making me think twice about a pre-order... Otherwise, the demo is bloody fantastic.

5th Mar 2010, 16:54
I must admit I couldn't steer the damn 'copter either.


5th Mar 2010, 19:45
ive got the same problem with my steel series mouse too the 2 secondary buttons on the side wont work in the same way yours wont work

5th Mar 2010, 20:36
ive added it to the general problems thread, the stuff you have said needs to be fixed!!

5th Mar 2010, 21:31
ive added it to the general problems thread, the stuff you have said needs to be fixed!!

Thanks, CloudWolf! I hope your thread got the dev's attention because every one of us want this to be the best game. :)

Regarding the mouse button issues, apparently this is the same with other mouse (I tried Logitech G7 and Razer Deathadder). It seems that this isnt a mouse problem, but more of the game programming of the controls. I really hope they can tune it for mouse buttons that has more than 3 buttons (left, middle, right) :mad2:

The keys mapping and sensitivity is indeed a problem and can take the enjoyment out of the game. I look forward to seeing this addressed soon...

6th Mar 2010, 01:07
Some of the controls I didnt like either. I prefer to use "delete" as my primary source of jumping. Also when you use your grapple and you're hanging on something you can choose to 'left control' to get down or of course "jump"; anyways I dont think I even saw a way to unmap the "left control" which should be known as drop.

Did any of you?