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10th Mar 2014, 00:26
Vampire Hunter :

Tribe : Humans
Style : Loner - Ninja

Weapon : Vampires Stakes

Type : Ranged

Fire speed :

Damage :

Reload :

Looking :


Spells : (Remember that they were made while thinking that the Vampire Hunter could only have 1 spell)
- Execution : If the vampire is lower than 30% life the Vampire Hunter instantly executes him, else deals ###
- Silver hook : Throws a hook at a vampire blocking him to get out a certain array around the hook for ## seconds.
(Comment : In the animation the vampire hunter could plant the hook on the ground while throwing it.)
- Red Powder : A powder that blind all the vampires around for a short time but that then also slow them.
- Warborn : Adrenaline surge into the Vampire Hunter remembers him his old trainings, the vampire hunter gain 30% more speed and can't be knocked down.

Description : A class that has only one spell but that can move super quickly throughout the map.

Idea of what she/he could look like :

Comments : Never wanted to chase a vampire who just ran away from the battle with a super low life? Never wanted to spread out due to the amount of tyrant? The Vampire hunter won't be good in a team fight due to his lack of spells and damage amount of his weapon, but he will excel in executing and chasing vampires.

Story : Upcoming...

UPCOMING : Savage......

I am sorry for my spelling, I did my possible to correct and watch out for faults.
If you see major errors you can tell me them! :D

I hope you like my ideas and good luck in the battlefield guys! :p

10th Mar 2014, 09:32
Sound so cool but it seems a fusion of all existent human classes :D