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4th Mar 2010, 23:42
First off, let me first start off by saying, I can max this game out with my system at 1920x1200 ( the way its meant to be played ) and second off this demo is probably the most fun i have had in a game in ages......Ive played crysis, gears of war, halo 3, infamous, metal gear solid 4( though this comes close lol) mass effect.....etc etc....
Also I would like to make the fact that I am a sand box game LOVER.......

I rarely make the long journey to the developers site to give my applauds for such an amazing Demo/game........I honestly would pay 100 bucks for this demo......thats how good it is..........

I just wanted to personally thank the whole Just Cause 2 team for making such a MASTER PIECE.... I just played the demo from steam on my Very high specced system, i was able to max the game out.......this game is

1. Innovative
2. graphically stellar
3. great sound
etc etc etc

I only have one question, my first playthrough of Demo there was a day and night cycle.......the second time it didnt go into night.......is night time zone specific ? how does it work

Overall, hats off to Square Enix Avalanche Studios AMAZING GAME!!!!!

if you can, please add in a option to use mouse button 4 or 5 for people with gaming mouse, thats pretty standard..........thanks!

oh and in case your wondering

I have a Gtx 295 and core i7 and tons of Ram...... etc

sorry for double post...but first one i made in wrong area

4th Mar 2010, 23:49
graphically stellar


5th Mar 2010, 00:20
I agree.

This is by far my most favored game ever. So much to do and it looks amazing while doing all of it!

Totally blown away with how good this one turned out. I really liked the first one so they really had a lot to live up to with JC2, but apparently they really took it up a few notches and made it even better!