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4th Mar 2010, 23:41
First off, let me first start off by saying, I can max this game out with my system at 1920x1200 ( the way its meant to be played ) and second off this demo is probably the most fun i have had in a game in ages......Ive played crysis, gears of war, halo 3, infamous, metal gear solid 4( though this comes close lol) mass effect.....etc etc....
Also I would like to make the fact that I am a sand box game LOVER.......

I rarely make the long journey to the developers site to give my applauds for such an amazing Demo/game........I honestly would pay 100 bucks for this demo......thats how good it is..........

I just wanted to personally thank the whole Just Cause 2 team for making such a MASTER PIECE.... I just played the demo from steam on my Very high specced system, i was able to max the game out.......this game is

1. Innovative
2. graphically stellar
3. great sound
etc etc etc

I only have one question, my first playthrough of Demo there was a day and night cycle.......the second time it didnt go into night.......is night time zone specific ? how does it work

Overall, hats off to Square Enix Avalanche Studios AMAZING GAME!!!!!

if you can, please add in a option to use mouse button 4 or 5 for people with gaming mouse, thats pretty standard..........thanks!

oh and in case your wondering

I have a Gtx 295 and core i7 and tons of Ram...... etc

sorry for double post...but first one i made in wrong area

5th Mar 2010, 14:37
i totally agree i played this demo over and over for bout 3 hours it is just sooooo fun !!!!!!!!!!

5th Mar 2010, 15:21
How did you play the demo for 3 hours? You unlock the 30 minutes timer? OR just played it over again for a combined 3 hour experience?

7th Mar 2010, 15:36
yeah i just played it over and over for three hours
that's not excessive is it ?

8th Mar 2010, 13:11
dude get the demo unlocker its soooo much better with no time limit :D

8th Mar 2010, 21:51
3 hours? wtf


I can spend hours riding around on top of a car and trying to flip other cars using grappling hook and just causing havoc :).

9th Mar 2010, 00:12
I've got 12 hours racked up :D