View Full Version : Problem with Batman Arkham Asylum

4th Mar 2010, 17:48
Hi all, I'm italian and I can't speak English very well. I've a problem. Three days ago I bought Batman Arkham Asylum on Games on Demand (Games for Windows - LIVE) and I started download. After, I clicked on the button 'Install' and it asked me the language, I selected 'Italian' and when it was at 70% it said that there was an error. I tryed to download and install it a lot of time but it didn't work. So I extracted the file that were in the directory of download and I installed Batman. But when I run the .exe for install the game, it don't ask me the language and install the game in English and I don't understand everything. Can anyone help me please???

4th Mar 2010, 18:13
I resolved it.