View Full Version : problem activating in GFWL

3rd Mar 2010, 21:35
hi all im hjoping someone here can help me

I bought batman through windows live, which it gives me a live key:

when it comes to activation it says key not valid may have been typed incorrectly,
i copied and pasted but still the same,

I contacted eidos via email and got this response

Thank you for contacting the EIDOS Online Customer Support Team

We apologize that you are having difficulty with our game.

You will need to contact the site where you purchased your digital copy of the game and explain in detail the problems you are experiencing.

If you purchased your game from our website, the vendor is Trymedia, and their support page is csc.trymedia.com

i contacted trymedia and have had no response for 4 days now, i contacted microsoft live support and they said to conyacy Eidos as its nothing to do with them!!

so basically im stuck with a game i cannot play becauseof activation problems which say key is invalid.

im so pi**ed at the minute