View Full Version : USER INTERFACE 32 bit systems - Running out of video memory (Crashing)

9th Mar 2014, 18:28
Hey guys,

During alpha, this issue popped op for me, but somewhere along the line it got fixed.
Since the closed beta update, I'm running out of video memory again.

This is disastrous for game play. Since it happens randomly, you can never be sure if you get dropped from a match.
Which to me is a reason to not play Nosgoth just to keep the community happy, I mean, how messed up is it to lose a match just because someone seems to have just left.

So, if you could please look into this issue once again. I think it will resolve a lot of the crashing posts.
Anyway, I am reinstalling windows7 64bit next weekend. So you don't need to rush it on my account :cool:



9th Mar 2014, 19:45
Did you try lowering your graphics settings (and turning off v-sync and anti-aliasing)? Solved it for me.