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9th Mar 2014, 17:00
I'm not sure if anyone has posted it yet but there's a lot of bugs with your interactions with steam servers, most of them are related to chats.

1 : The "is now playing Nosgoth. Click here to join." :
I keep receiving tons of them when I am talking with a friend on steam.

2 : Chat system of Nosgoth :
I don't really understand why you added your own chat bar as steam already offers you one, also steam do not send you the message I sent from the steam client, so it makes weird conversations.

Example :
In nosgoth chats :
My Friend : blablablabla
My Friend : Oh yea why?
My Friend : Really

In Steam Client Chat :
MyFriend : blablablabla
Me : Blablabla!
MyFriend : Oh yhea why?
Me : Because Banana!
MyFriend : Really!?!?!
Me : YHEA!!

Okay well that's it!
But even if this game contains some bugs, you managed to create an epic game! Respect :worship:

9th Mar 2014, 17:09
Me : Because Banana!

BANANAAAAA!!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQQvanCpC3Q)
Sorry, I couldn't resist :D

But yes, I encounter the same problem.