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1st Mar 2010, 17:55
Ok so i pre-ordered Just Cause 2 before i knew the system requirements:(... so now my pc can NOT handle the game anyway... so can you help me with this first upgrade of my pc to play Just Cause 2 on high settings with just about 60 FPS or somthing close to that;)?

My specs are:
Amd Phenom X4 Quad GP9500 2.2GHZ
Asus M2n-vm HDMI
2GB Ram DDR2-667
Asus 9600GT
Western Digital Caviar Blue 320GB
Huntkey H03
Huntkey 400W

So if you can help me with my upgrade and tell me wich parts i should replace then that would be realy nice :D

There's no budget since im not upgrading immediatly but i will upgrade after a while..... but this does not mean you can pick the most expensive stuff that you can find :nut:

I just wanna play this game after waiting for so long you know:o

1st Mar 2010, 18:49
There are 3 things i would change.

1. Add 2 more gigs of RAM. just having 2 gigs of RAM is too little for most newer titles.
2. Swap out the video card for something a bit different. I am not saying it is not good, on the contrary. But if you want a pc that lasts longer you should invest in something a bit more different. If you buy something like a XfX geforce 260 gtx you can save some money while still having a poweful GPU. Since it comes at a ver fair price (not sure how much it costs in the netherlands)
3. This might not be VERY necessary, BUT if you can get yourself a power supply with a bit more power that would help a lot. Something around the line of 600 watts.

Other than that you got yourself a pretty decent rig which can run just cause 2 quite nicely.

1st Mar 2010, 20:17
As said. gfx and ram!

gfx. buy something like gtx275 og higher or AMD's hd5*** - and a tip, wait for nvidia to release thair new cads, the older models will drop in price. - and if you upgrade your gfx you should really consider a bigger psu, Corsair's models are really awesome, and choose around 600w to be sure.

The ram, buy 4gigs new ram, or buy 2gigs that matches the old ram you've got. But I'd go for the newer ram.

1st Mar 2010, 20:43
There are 3 things i would change.

1. Add 2 more gigs of RAM. just having 2 gigs of RAM is too little for most newer titles.

Well, if you do plan on getting 2 more gigs of ram like chickenchief suggested, you'll have to upgrade to a 64-bit OS so you can use all of your ram. 32-bit OS only go up to like 3 gigs.
Then, I would suggest upgrading your graphics card. If you want the most bang for your buck go with ATI. Not only do you get a great graphics card for a great price you'll also get dx11 (depending on what model you choose). You'll also want to upgrade your power supply. I would suggest 700+ and also see if you can find a modular one. A modular power supply means you can take off the cables that you are not currently using which is great if you have a small case. Speaking of small cases, you'll want to make sure your case is big enough for all this stuff. Since your motherboard is micro , I assume you probably have a small case so you might want to look around for a bigger case. One more thing you might want to consider is if you want to use SLI/Crossfire. I myself have SLI 250gts. What SLI (Nvidia) and Crossfire (ATI) do is that they split up the amount of work required to process the program your running. This is great because you can buy for two (or three if you want tri SLI or Crossfire) lower end graphics card and combine them to run just as good or even better than a single top of the line graphics card(Which is cheaper most of the time) or you can buy two ( or three) top of the line graphics card so you can just fly through any game you play. But, you have to have a motherboard that is capable of SLI or Crossfire. Also, SLI motherboards can only run in SLI if you have Nvdia graphics card and Crossfire can only run in Crossfire mode with ATI graphics cards ( You can however still run a Nvidia card in a Crossfire mobo just not in SLI or vice versa). There's a lot more things you can upgrade. I'd do some research if I were you on different parts of a computer you are looking at because there are a lot of things to take into consideration ( I.e. DDR2 vs DDR3).

However, if you just want to be able to play Just Cause 2 with a smooth framerate all you really need to upgrade is your graphics card and your power supply.

I buy all my computer related stuff at Newegg.com since they have great deals and stuff.

1st Mar 2010, 23:40
The processor is good.
But do consider a better graphics card.
9600GT is not very good, you just pass the minimum of Just cause 2. Minimum requires an 8800 series card where as the 9600GT is only slightly more powerful than an 8800GT. And it will last you a lot less long. Because by the time Crysis 2 comes out in June 2010, your 9600GT will tremendously struggle to handle that game.
So you should actually consider very carefully before you buy something especially the graphics card and power supply.

Consider a 4890 graphics card or similar, you can get a 4890 for less than £150 now. I have a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4890 overclocked 1 GB DDR5 this is a good GPU that will play all of the games like Crysis, JC2, etc on maxed out settings with no lag at 1920x1200 resolution.

Then buy an 850 Watt Corsair powersupply. It costed me £105 to buy it from ebuyer brand new.:D

2nd Mar 2010, 02:35
The 9600 GT is actually slightly less powerful than the 8800. I would strongly suggest upgrading your graphics card. A mid-high end Radeon HD 5000 series card will do fine, as will a GTX 260 or higher.

2nd Mar 2010, 18:12
Wow thanks for all the comments :D
Dind't expect to get so fast comments but ok :D To chickenthief: Yea about the XFX GeForce GTX 260 baclk edition is about 210 euro here:hmm: and i more thought about a nVidia GeForce GTS 250 as its very good (good enough for me i guess;)) and its only around the 100 euro here :D

Im gonna wait a while for more comments and i already have another thread on another forum about this so after some time (not to long) im gonna see what parts are most recommended for me and put make a setup of that :cool:

Upgrading is gonna take a while xD Since i got no job.. but im turning 16 very soon 19th of april:D so im gonna look for a job and then i can finally start upgrading if my dad atleast stops crap talking about upgrading....

To Seenie: I have like a miditower HuntKey Chasis and i think when i upgrade i will get a chasis like Thermaltake Armor or Armor Xtreme version.. i heard i's a vey good Case en my friend is maybe gonna sell it in some time so when he does ill get it from him (if it doesnt take to long)

2nd Mar 2010, 18:18
210 euros? Ouch that is kind of expensive. I got my Black edition for 130 euros up here in Norway.

2nd Mar 2010, 19:37
Wow.. can you send me one?:D
Nah just fooling around :p

Still looking for some good parts...

2nd Mar 2010, 19:50
Contrary to what other people say I would personally change to ATI, it holds far more value for your money and supports direct x11, i would suggest the XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770 XXX Edition, it is £135, which is very reasonable, they are a great make and this will easily handle JC2 at highest settings. I have a xfx 4890 xxx edition and it is awsome, i have had no problems and it performs excelently (maxed out crisis at 1080p :D) the 5770 out preforms that so you can imagine the preformance!!!

I would also upgrade your motherboard as it is only socket am2 (you need an am3 board for awesome performance)
I would recommend the Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4, it is solid and a good performer and at £110 its not going to break the bank (depends on your budget;))

Also whack in 4 GB of DDR3 Ram I recommend OCZ
E.g. OCZ Platinum 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C7 1333MHz Dual Channel Kit
At £83.99, memory price has recently skyrocketed so wait for it to go down.

oh and finally up your OS to win 7 home premium 64bit (makes full use of the memory)
All off overclockers UK, where I bought my stuff, really good service (It’s a U.K supplier but they do deliver to the Netherlands ;))

They are just a few upgrades and the only major ones for your current build :D

Hope i helped and ask any questions!

3rd Mar 2010, 09:20
Upgrade your RAM and Video Card. RAM isn't that expensive but a nice video card will be.

If you like Nvidia cards go with a GeForce GTX 200 series.
For ATI cards go with Radeon HD 5000 series.

3rd Mar 2010, 11:19
ATI 5770, outperforms nvidia's 250 and is similarly priced.

3rd Mar 2010, 17:58
Ok thanks again all for the support already:D
Gonna take a look what will be the best out of all mentioned above and make a sellection with the help of a friend ;D
Soon i turn 16 so im gonna look for a job and gonna work hard for some extra cash to maybe get better hardware or just get this faster...