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1st Mar 2010, 06:58
Ok i go to play my PS3 and i get error 8001050F. So i think oh well i will play Heavy Rain offline and an error comes up and im like :O. So i check my trophys for it and theyre gone D: And i was 1 Trophy off the Platinum. And i also saw that my wallpapers are corrupted AND my PS3s date was reset to 31/12/1999 at 11:59pm. Y2K. Well am i the only person getting this or is it the APOCALYPS3.........(also i hope my PS3 doesnt go crazy and hit me in the balls xD)

Colonel Earnel
1st Mar 2010, 10:41
I have the same problem (my ps3 wont sign in to PSN and it's reset to January 1st 2000 0:41)
Apparently this effects most of the "Fat" Ps3's and should be over by tomorrow
If not, we will have to wait for a firmware update
It's some kind of a calendar issue (leap day)

1st Mar 2010, 11:06
ps3 error 8001050 rage. Look that up on youtube its quite

1st Mar 2010, 18:05
So will this fix bring all lost trophies?

1st Mar 2010, 20:43
everyone with this error do not use your ps3 until they fix it for it may cause more errors and lost of trophies it will be fixed soon

Rocket Propelled Rocket
1st Mar 2010, 21:32
Yeah I went to pick up the game I let my uncle borrow and he said it wouldn't let him play, but he could play tiger woods, this better be fixed by the end of the day because i JUST preordered BFBC2 today and I will seriously go ape ***** on Sony if this is not fixed!!!!! GRRRR!!!!

1st Mar 2010, 22:59
lol mine is fine, i've been playing for 2 hrs and nothing went wrong

Rocket Propelled Rocket
1st Mar 2010, 23:21
lol mine is fine, i've been playing for 2 hrs and nothing went wrong


2nd Mar 2010, 06:36
Error has been fixed :):D
All is well!

Rocket Propelled Rocket
2nd Mar 2010, 12:23
Yep, Sony is just too dumb to think of the leap year, but yeah, it's fixed now.. BFBC2 HERE I COME...IN 7 HOURS...