View Full Version : MISC. Nosgoth payment methods

9th Mar 2014, 13:30
Hi , in order to purchase items in the store using runestones i think it would be better if we can use other payment methods such as Paysafecard , it would be easier for the players.
What do you think about it?

9th Mar 2014, 14:12
There is a possibility such a system could be in the works, but we won't know until the Dev's say so!

The tricky thing about alternative payment methods is balancing the amount of physical cash paid to the amount of in game currency depending on how much the merchant/ payment source asks for in return for the use of their card.

Say you pay $10.00 for 10,000 in game currency and paypal only wants 5% of the $10.00 from the Devs, then you have the JubJub card that wants 15% of the $10.00 for use of their service.

To balance the JubJub card, a nerf of in game currency would be reasonable, but that leaves players upset knowing they could have gotten more bang for their buck. If they don't nerf the in-game gain, and the card catches on, they end up losing a lot of potential money, which is needed to keep bringing new content and keeping the dev team fed.

If the dev team (especially in a free to play model) were to go the rout of the JubJub card, they would be loosing money and or players, neither of which are wanted in a F2P model.

Now, I am not saying that is the issue with a Pay Safe Card, but it is a possibility for most game card merchants.