View Full Version : AMD Dual-Code Optimizer autoinstalled

28th Feb 2010, 07:36
It seems that this game automatically installs the AMD Dual-Code Optimizer and it seems to autorun at startup. I bought the game through GFWL. I am using Vista Business 64bit and a Phenom 550BE. Is this necessary? Also I occasionally unlock a third core on it which makes it no longer a dual core.

Yeah I googled lots and came up short. Surely this has been discussed before.

6th Mar 2010, 03:41
From what I understand, this is only supposed to be installed on the earliest AMD64x2 CPUs. I also purchased the game through GFWLM and noticed that this was installed. My system doesn't have any AMD / ATI component (Core2 Quad Q6600, PNY / NVIDIA 9800GT EE 1GB). My nephew is also running an Intel / NVIDIA system (Core i5, NVIDIA GTX280) and his didn't get this installed.