View Full Version : Can't save because of GFWL

28th Feb 2010, 03:03
My Windows Live account is not accepted because I'm from Brazil.
I can easily understand I shouldn't expect to play online from an unsupported country, but why can't I save my game as well?

Isn't there an alternative for saving? I really was looking forward to play the game, but this was a huge letdown. I wish I knew that before buying...

28th Feb 2010, 08:01
Wow, I'm not sure. I hear there are patches that eliminate the need for GFWL, but that would be a breach of the game's Term's and conditions, I would presume.

28th Feb 2010, 13:14
if you have updated to the latest patch for the game
you can create a offline profile that will allow you to save games