View Full Version : Audio cuts out during cutscenes

28th Feb 2010, 01:14
I have an ATI 4850 with HDMI that I am using for sound. The sound is awesome during play, but the sound during cut scenes cuts out on me every couple seconds. Also the AV sync is way off.

Any suggestions? I also have on board audio that I keep for sending sound to other rooms in the house, since HDMI can't be passed to secondary zones.

28th Feb 2010, 04:51
I disabled my onboard audio from within Windows 7 and no dice. I guess I could try from the BIOS but that would make it a huge pain to turn it on for sound out on my patio.

28th Feb 2010, 19:40
I have now tried disabling the onboard from the BIOS, but no cigar. It's not consistent, and may be only during the FMV as opposed to the rendered video.

Just out of curiosity, I actually tried disabling the HDMI audio, and using the onboard S/PDIF and the problem was exactly the same if not worse.

The odd thing is I don't remember this problem when I first started the game which is all FMV. Yet, on the 3rd scarecrow encounter and the opening scene is replayed with Joker's and Batman's roles reversed, it is very apparent. Sound just skips out every couple of seconds. I can usually fill in the missing word or two but definitely hurts the experience.

Guess I'll stick to the PS3 for games next time. The $10 I saved on the PC version is definitely not worth the headaches.