View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Can't Always Change Classes During Match; Can't Select Class Before Match Starts

9th Mar 2014, 10:49
Tonight after dying during a match I tried to switch from Hunter to Alchemist. My Hunter loadout includes the bomb secondary ability, my Alchemist loadout uses the multi-shot cannon.

The respawn timer went from several seconds to 30 seconds after I switched classes but when I finally respawned, I was still a Hunter. This happened to me a couple times during alpha but I completely forgot to report it. In this particular instance, at one point something about an "illegal loadout" flashed but it was very brief and I'm not sure what would be designated as illegal.

In a different issue, for two out of five or six matches I started, I could not pick a class while waiting for the game to start. I could select classes but "Play" remained greyed out. Two of my teammates were able to pick classes but I couldn't, and it looked like one other teammate couldn't either (or else they waited for the match to start). These two instances were in separate games -- for example, one game I started out as a vampire and could not select a class. Then when teams were swapped, I was able to pre-select a human class during the match countdown. Same thing happened during another game except with the classes switched -- I started out as a human and could not select a class, teams switched, and then I could.

9th Mar 2014, 10:55
Make sure the perk you have equipped on those characters hasnĀ“t expired, switch it for a daily perk and you can choose those classes again.