View Full Version : Need help running thief 3!!!

Garret master thief
26th Feb 2010, 18:06
Hi, i need help with running thief 3 every time i play the bloodline opal mission and enter the ''Inner Quarters'' The game crashes!!! :mad2::scratch:

27th Feb 2010, 07:09
Please provide system information and feedback


In your post requesting help, please provide detailed information about the problem and your system. We need to know:
what game you are playing;
what are the specifics of the problem;
your system stats, including operating system, CPU type, video card and its driver version, and audio card.

It may save some time to do a search before you post to see if the question has already been answered. See the upper right of the forum page for the search box.

Also, we appreciate receiving feedback. It should include whether or not you fixed the problem, how you fixed the problem, and maybe some thanks. We are volunteers, not Eidos employees. We help out because we are Thief fans, and we want others to enjoy the game, too. Other readers will benefit from knowing if and how you actually solved your problem. A search works better if it includes a verified solution, not just a problem description.

Garret master thief
27th Feb 2010, 09:25
It got fixed when i updated my video card driver and selected Right click, prefrences, compability run under windows xp mode, virtual pc also works when you run it in xp mode :D

And you also need admin rights. select run as admin. that will fix the problem!

27th Feb 2010, 10:06
Glad you got it going. And thanks for telling us how. It may help the next person with a problem that is similar.